Not Again! That thought flared in my mind when I saw yet another female character on TV forsaking all else to chase the male hero even though she knows he doesn’t love her. She was another beautiful and sensitive young woman who had turned jealous, mean and dangerous as she resolved to do anything it [...]


Has dating been on your mind for a while now? Has it been more of a pain than pleasure? If it has then it is time you turn your attention to, a site that offers help to singles in search of a prospective partner. What is so amazing about this site is that it [...]

{ 0 comments } is a 100%free site which boasts of attractive features which are comparable to that of paid websites. In some cases the website can be called better than the paid ones, after all in the worst case even if you land up with an unsuitable person, you will have no regrets of losing your money! [...]

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Dating young women is a little bit different than dating women your own age. And it’s very different from dating older women. There are differences you should watch for to make sure you’re successful when dating young women. Younger women are almost always less experienced with relationships. When you’re dating young women you need to [...]

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