How to get rid of acne?

how to get rid of acneAcne is one of the main causes of a lack of confidentiality and one of the main problems that are considered very troublesome. Issues on acne spread everywhere on the internet; thousands of blogs and archives on the internet, newspapers, and health magazines lead to a variety of methods in order to heal them and get rid of them easily by nature. With granulated salt as a natural healing method, it is approved and tested to be safe for all users. The following paragraph will show a step-by-step instruction on how to get rid of acne by using granulated salt.

Get Rid of Acne on Your Face

It is indeed not a difficult thing to remove or get rid of acne with natural methods or herbal extracts. People waste a lot of money in order to get rid of them permanently with the use of technology like lasers; however, sometimes it is difficult get them out of our lives without having them returning back. Naturally, with the use of granulated salt, there are two simple ways to remove acne out of your face.

Removing Acne with solid salt

  1. Rinse your face with clean, clear water
  2. Add cleansing foam to your face and scrub around the whole area
  3. Pour salt on your hands
  4. Add salt on the area where acnes and pimples occur
  5. Press and massage around affected areas slowly and softly
  6. Once all areas are filled with salt, wait for about three minutes
  7. If your face starts to hurt or itch, rinse your face again with clear and clean water

Removing Acne with diffused or liquidized salt and honey

salt and honey

  1. Salt clear water thoroughly
  2. Dip a cotton ball or a cloth into the salted water
  3. Wait for about a minute for the salt to diffuse
  4. Squeeze the cotton ball softly but let it absorb some amount of water
  5. Place the damp cotton ball slowly on the acne or zit; if there is a group of them all clotted together, it is best to place the damp cotton ball all over the area.
  6. Wait exactly three minutes (the time usually depends on when your face actually hurts or itch)
  7. Once time is up, remove all the damp cotton balls and you will see that all is nearly gone, however, the acne is still present
  8. Take two salted cotton balls and place them on both sides of the pimple
  9. Slowly squeeze the pimple until it flattens
  10. Apply honey on the infected area
  11. Avoid touching the pimples and acnes and go to sleep

Get Rid of Acne on Your Body

Acne can appear all over your body, not only on your face. Pimples, acnes, and zits can appear everywhere, on the back, on the legs, and even on areas you don’t want them to appear! Alright, getting rid of them might itch and hurt a little, however, natural methods are of course safe and not costly. The following will show brief instructions on how to get rid of acne on the body.

Removing acne with body rinsing method

  1. Rinse and watch your body with clean, clear water
  2. Add soap all over the body and rinse them off
  3. Do not wipe yourself and add salt all over the body
  4. Place more salt on areas that are infected with acne and pimples
  5. Do not scrub the salt; if needed, scrub very softly


  • After one or two days, observe the acnes and the zits
  • Use sunscreens or sun blocks (these will help moisturize and balance the skin colors and increase elasticity)
  • Around areas with pores, it is best to add salt without wiping or scrubbing them off)
  • Try areas around the neck and jaw first before you apply around the face (to make sure this method works and that it is safe so you can continue areas around the face)

Know More about Acne

As we all know, acnes are the main causes behind skin irritations and the building up of pores and scars. To get rid of them, some might want scientific methods and technology as a helping hand; however, most of the people today turn away for natural methods and extracts from herbs as well as other natural resources like honey comb and salt. For the methods mentioned in the above paragraphs though, might absorb some amount of oil and moisture which can dry up the face. For oily faces, it is beneficial in the fact that it absorbs up some amount of oil, making it dryer. For normal to dry faces, applying facial lotions with Hydra and Hyalon would have kept the face moisturized and healthy than not applying any. If salt is applied directly on acne, zits, or pimples, where pus appears to leak off infected areas, it is best to purchase a pus absorber powder in order to absorb all pus out from the pimples or acne. Sometimes the infected area can result in red rashes and itches; it is best to apply a pack of ice or cool gel on top of it slowly without pressing too much. Rashes and red spots might result from the amount of salt applied; if too much salt is applied on the face then the strength of saltiness can destroy skin cells and cause irritation as well as itches.

It is normal for everyone to have acnes and pimples due to puberty, excess to dirt, pollution, diets, and other factors all around us. Acne is healable and curable both by the use of technology and by the use of natural methods and extracts from nature. Resources like honey, syrup, salt, sugar, and herbal extracts can heal acne, pimples, and zits without a need to use a lot of money or being costly. Using granulated salt is safe, secure, and cheap for all users where methods and instructions can be done easily at home. Without acne, it is sure that everyone will walk out of their closet with confidence and be satisfied with their safety from natural methods and extracts.

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