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With, independent Mary Kay beauty consultants can enjoy 24 hour access to important services and information that allow for convenience as well as efficient management of their Mary Kay businesses. You need to be a Mary Kay consultant to access this website, and if you need it in Spanish, just click the Haz clic aquí para ver el sitio en Español link. Have your consultant ID and password ready to log in. If you forgot your password or have not yet been provided with one, you can click on the help button.

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Can you make money and lifelong friendships at the same time? With Mary Kay, the answer is yes. Ever since Mary Kay Ash began her cutting edge cosmetics and skin care product line decades ago, women from around the world have enjoyed independent careers with open ended earning potential and limitless support. When you click on the Learn More button, you’ll be taken to the Mary Kay website, where you can learn about products as well as learning opportunities.

Mary Kay is easy to join. You can sign up online, or you can connect with a local Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant to learn more about the business. Many consultants are happy to let prospective consultants shadow them as they conduct in-home parties with women who are eager to try the products available.

In addition, the Mary Kay line of products is so well-known and so respected that some people say that the products sell themselves. When you become a consultant with Mary Kay, you get the opportunity to try all the products for yourself, and then you get to share those products with others. Whether you are a stay at home mom or even a dad for that matter, you can work with Mary Kay and find success. The company offers a full line of skin care and cosmetics products, along with fragrances and other items that women love.

The rewards are fantastic. If you’ve never heard about the famous Mary Kay Pink Cadillac program, then get ready – top sellers can choose from pink Caddilacs and other cars, and from several other rewards programs as well. With flexibility and opportunities galore, it is not surprising that so many women have become inspired and started their own businesses.

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