Thinking Positively Helps Lose Weight?

Brightly after New Year parties where people enjoy cocktails and food dashes, a main concern about weight gain rushes in. A British professional, myspecialK, has collected data and information about weight gain. Most Britain believes that having high self esteem greatly affects the health and can lead to a healthy method of losing weight. However, more than half of women these days take insults seriously which automatically lowers their self-esteem and leads to an unhealthy idea of losing weight.

positive ideas in mindInstead of positive ideas in mind, more than half of the girls focus on losing weight due to the insults given by others. The insults of others greatly affect both mental and physical health of the individuals. Words and insults that are repeatedly given will remain as unnecessary stress in the minds of the individuals. Women often have low self-esteem when it comes to their appearance, looking into the mirror every day. Though insults sometimes do help in losing weight, it is mentally unhealthy.

When it comes to daily conversations, women are often focused in insulting themselves and the body parts they dislike the most. “My thighs are of an elephant’s” “I hate my chubby cheeks” “My tummy’s that of a pregnant lady!” are examples of daily-life conversations related to weight gain and unhealthy reasons in losing weight.

However, professional research have found out that two thirds of individuals who tend to successfully lose weight for the first time often have higher self-esteem and positive thoughts when it comes to the next or future weight lose goals. Rather than thinking negatively about oneself and receiving unnecessary insults from the surroundings, two thirds of these individuals focuses more in bringing up new and healthy reasons to make up their goals and mark out future possibilities as well as alternatives in the healthy weight lose plan.

Jeannette Thompson, an expert in health and weight counseling states that “Losing weight is like looking into fortunate tarot cards. The results of the weight lose plan can be predictable as they rely greatly on the will to reach a specific goal. Women who are more into negative insults tend to unsuccessfully lose weight; however, women who are more into positive thoughts and have higher self-esteem tend to lose weight successfully. Women who are positively minded would not suffer as much as others do.

(A little bonus to the readers) The best feeling an individual could get after a weight lose plan is when you meet up with your ex and shine gorgeously among the other colleagues! Seeing your ex jealous is the best?!

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