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Individuals who participate in the art of contact juggling now have access to a new ball with a dynamic design which is called a FUSHIGI ball (website: fushigiball.com). The FUSHIGI ball allows its operator to exploit all of the reflective properties of a sphere by isolating certain hand and body movements. These movements will make it seem as if the FUSHIGI sphere is moving by itself or it may even look like it is floating in the air. Individuals who use this sphere will enjoy an incredibly therapeutic and relaxing experience. Using this sphere requires individuals to maneuver it by isolating it and manipulating it with both their mind and body; when this is done correctly it will seem as if the sphere is defying the laws of gravity and moving all by itself.

Any skill that one wants to perfect takes dedication and practice and this skill is no exception. Individuals must practice creating an illusion that they are defying gravity, isolating specific body parts, and levitating. Interested parties can see how the more advanced users of the FUSHIGI sphere perform by viewing these professional contact jugglers on www.fushigiball.com. The more basic moves can be learned by using the DVD tutorial which will only take a couple of minutes to go over. If individuals practice enough they will be able to perform the more advanced tricks like the Pyramid and will soon have them perfected if they are dedicated enough. A majority of the fushigiball.com users are able to master such tricks as the Palm Spin and the Enigma in less than a week’s time. Individuals gain more confidence when using this sphere once they are able to completely understand the physics behind it.

The designers of the FUSHIGI sphere are constantly trying to increase users’ overall experience with the ball and as such have remodeled the item. They stand behind their product as being a unique tool that will allow owners to entertain and amaze any onlookers.

The FUSHIGI sphere is a ball within another ball. The inner ball is reflective and has been layered with a clear acrylic. If dropped this sphere will not shatter but it may become scratched or chipped. Each FUSHIGI that is made is unique due to the fact that they are each made and polished by hand.

Contact juggling is also referred to as Dynamic Manipulation, Spherical balancing, FUSHIGI, and a variety of other names. It is a form of manipulating an object so that the ball or balls being used will keep contact with the body. The various ways that one may manipulate the objects may cause them to appear as if they are floating on their own when the truth is that they always are in contact with the body. Michael Moschen, a physical artist created the idea of contact juggling in the early part of the 1980s. This type of juggling can be accomplished by using any amount of balls that one chooses. This is an art that one can continue to learn about and grow within no matter how many years they practice it. More tips & tricks can be found at fushigiball.com.

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