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With www.optonline.net, you can find the latest in news, weather, and sports, and even watch live TV, all with the click of a mouse. No more waiting at home to watch the news, and no more wondering what weather will be like. You can take this website completely mobile, and you’re sure to be much more well connected than you ever were because of all it has to offer.


With in-depth information regarding political news from local arenas to the global stage, optonline.net is your source for timely information. Whether you need political campaign updates or if you simply want to stay on top of local politics, this is the place to do it.


The news waits for no one. It is happening around us all the time, and having access to the latest updates can help you feel more in control of every aspect of your life. Whether you need the latest in traffic news before you head out for your commute, or if you rely on the local news to give you important updates about issues that are important to you, you can find everything you need here. National and world news issues are just as important as local issues, so expect to make a single stop for all your updates.

Entertainment, Sports and Finance

Where would we be without celebrity spats, marriage news and updates on all our favorite stars? Just as importantly, what would the day be like without news on our favorite sports teams? Financial news is important too – be sure to tune in throughout the day to see what is happening.

Convenience and Fun Combined

With DVR services and the ability to pay your bill online, plus WiFi and lots of extras, optonline.net is a great place to manage your viewing needs. Visit the learning center to get more information about local channels, free on demand, and optimum voice. Check out the Games tab to play featured games like Texas Hold ‘Em, New and Improved Pool, Shiver: The Vanishing Hitchhiker, and more.

Click on Support to explore a full range of options for customer support. Offering important information about parental controls and with tutorials to help you make the most of your experience, www.optonline.net also has a variety of ways to contact customer service. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to connect via telephone or email, and if you like, you can choose to have an online chat.

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