ScoreCard Rewards Review

Many companies today offered programs which promote and provide numbers of privileges to customers who love to shop, purchasing goods and using services. Customers will earn points which can be used for numbers of privileges; the following are samples:

  1. Travel packages
  2. Airfare
  3. Merchandise and hotels

If you are a daily shopper, ScoreCard Rewards or allows you to check points earned online, create wish lists, and to check available privileges. More and more privileges were offered each year as numbers of people using rewards cards increase; rewards cards and their specialties allow customers to keep track on what they are purchasing and monitor their money circulation as well, making it secure for the customers but at the same time exciting and enjoyable.

ScoreCard Rewards is a rewards program which provides variety of privileges once customers use these cards to purchase goods and buy services. Earning points allow luxurious privileges that will always be satisfying. Following are the requirements for ScoreCard Rewards’s customers:

  1. A valid ScoreCard Rewards
  2. A computer with internet access
  3. Personal information and card ID
  4. New username and password
  5. Security question and answers for password retrieval


How are points earned?

At, customers will have to use ScoreCard Rewards when purchasing products or buying services. The amounts of points earned are based on the net quantity of goods or services bought or used; the points will be valid only if the account is active. For cash advances, balance transfers, or unauthorized fees, points will not be earned; returned money or purchases will deduct points as well.

Here are the listed pros and cons, using for purchases:


  1. Wide range of privileges
  2. As long as an account is active and is maintained in a good standing, awards can be ordered anytime
  3. Awards can be ordered online via shopping feature in the website and for travel awards booking tickets is encouraged
  4. Guidance and advices will always be welcome by Travel Services Representatives
  5. Points and more alternatives of awards will be given to customers if the initial selected award is not available
  6. Merchandise can be replaced
  7. Warranties valid for redemption
  8. Ticket purchased for companion is allowed
  9. Vacation package could be reserved by Travel Services Representatives which will be secure and convenient for customers
  10. Suggestions and guidelines for travel experience are given in detail



  1.  No guarantee of ordered objects or merchandise awards; shipments might come separately
  2. Purchased points are not valid
  3. Immediacy of ordered awards might be delayed
  4. Detailed information should be indicated if shipments of awards are not completed (email address, name, serial code, date, time, etc)
  5. Travel awards and issued ticket purchased will not be accepted
  6. Ordered items or awards might be on backorders with the manufacturers


Summary is a lead in promoting sales and purchases. By providing privileges such as merchandise and travel services, common shoppers turned their heads to earn points while they purchase products or buy services. ScoreCard Rewards make it convenient and portable for customers to collect points; by having the card wherever you go, shopping will become creative and beneficial for all. Need more information customer can visit website.

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Dorji July 9, 2013 at 23:43

s corecard rewards is a terrible outfit for credit card holders . I compared their program with other similar rewards program ( united air lines, etc). The number of points required for a merchandise or a air travel is way above other rewards program. For example to get a an Ipod you need 10,000 more points than other programs. To get a ticket in addition to 25,000 points (domestic) they will ask you to pay an additional fee well over 100 dollars!. We stopped using our credit union cards after learning about this terrible rewards program. They don’t have an even an email address to contact them. You have to call them on phone on wait on line for half hour before anyone answers!.

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