4 Main Reasons Working Makes You Gain Weight

These days, working women sacrifice 1/3 of the day for work which is considered a lot. The way you work affect you health and your weight while at work. Let us now look into the possibilities of weight gain and ways to improve as we have collected some data from the Reader’s Digest webpage.

  1. You tend to eat outdoor more often
    Outdoor shops often serve in less portions where you often have to ask for more or perhaps, they serve you too much food that are not healthy (oily food with flour and meat); plus, healthy food are often expensive.

    Solution: Try and cook your own food from home and bring it to work. Whether you cook it from the morning or from the day before, you can bring it to work. This will help you control the food intake and your weight as well.

  2. Tired of transportation
    Transporting from home to work in the rushing hours where people crowd in places stresses you and makes you crave for food and eat a lot more than your body needs. The time you spent transporting limits your exercise time.

    Solution: Exercising releases stress. Try working out simply by just dropping off earlier and walk to your workplace or if you drive, park the car further from the workplace and walk. Consume healthy food like fish and beans.

  3. Working Long Hours
    Working long hours stresses you and makes you crave for food due to the secretion of hormones. Plus, instead of dinner, long hours of work shift the meal to supper. People will tend to crave for junk food and gain weight.

    Solution: Since you work long hours, prepare bean or low fat soya milk in case you are hungry (do not let your body starve for too long).

  4. Sitting on place for a long time
    If you’re working in front of the computer, sitting for long hours you will most likely gain weight. Without moving so much, more diseases may approach you.

    Solution: Find someone with same goals and go for an exercise or walk together. When there are calls, walk and exercise at the same time.

If you are working, it is now the time to change habits since it affects your physical and mental health. Let us work efficiently along with a healthy body so that things can go well altogether!

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