About Modded Xbox 360 Controllers and Mod Kits

What are modded Xbox 360 controllers?

They are special kind of controllers which gives you the facility to convert a single-fire weapon into an automatic weapon in any of your first person shooter games. Xbox 360 controller is commonly known as rapid fire controller or turbo mod. There are different kinds of modded controllers available in the market, lets have sneak peek at them. Also, the article provides sufficient information on its usage and on which games you can use these “rapid fire controllers”.

What are the different types of rapid fire controller mods?

Basically there are two major sort of rapid fire controllers, one is the button style mod and the second one is trigger (stealth) mods. Both can prove advantageous during the game play. Also, both have proven to give good performance.

What are rapid fire button mods?

The button mod style has been in trend from a very long time. The term button refers to the buttons available on the backside of the modded controller. These buttons are responsible for the rapid fire function of the controller. Every mod has different functioning scheme like some mods buttons require you to hold on to them while holding down the trigger of your controller, this enables the working of the mod. These mods are somewhat considered inferior as compared to other controller mods. The reason behind this methodology is that in these kinds of mods you always need to hold down the button, if you need the rapid fire to work.

Trigger button mod is the second type of button mod. In this type of controller, buttons are responsible to turn on and to change the modes. In order to turn on or off the rapid fire, you just need to press a single button. This is best for those who wish swift changes in the operation of their mod in situations like switching of rifle, in such a case you do not need the mod.

This was all about button style mods. Now let us switch to the trigger rapid fire mods.

What are trigger rapid fire controller mods?

Here you have no external buttons. All you have is trigger mods which enable you the same functionality as a button mod. Now what is the procedure to activate these modded controllers, well all good modded controllers have a sync button on its top. You need to just tap the sync button instead of holding it to change the modes or to turn on and off the mod. They are really fast and provide a wonderful experience gaming experience.

In which games we can use these modded controllers?

People tend to think about games like world war or modern warfare when they think about modded controllers or rapid fire controllers. The second series of games which comes to mind is of first person shooter games like call of duty. These games are not automatic rather have single fire game weapons. Here we can make use of mod controllers; they will transform the boring single-fire weapons into full blown automatic weapons along with rapid fire.

In What Kinds of Games is Modded Controllers Useful?

When most people think about modded controllers or rapid fire controller mods, they think about Call of Duty games like World at War or Modern Warfare 2. Most first-person shooter games, like the Call of Duty series, have in-game weapons that are not automatic but are single fire only. This is where the mod controller comes in. These controllers will transform those boring single-fire weapons into full blown automatic weapons with rapid fire!

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