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If you own a small business, then surely one of the things that take away a lot of your time is accounting. But you don’t have to go through the pains and yet save the money you will need to shell on getting an accountant. Online accounting software can be a great assistance to you in managing your money and implementing your plans without overrunning the budget anywhere. Online accounting software at QuickBooks.com is free in its basic form and offers some more organizational tools for a very low price.

This online accounting software is different from conventional accounting as it doesn’t limit itself to just accounting. You can use it extensively for various purposes. This not only saves you time and money but also frees you from the anxiety that lack of organization can bring you. The first feature that it offers you is the ability to track all your income in terms of sales and expenditure. The most important feature of a successful venture is the ability to see all your numbers at one place without the need to dig through piles of paper. This will help you to instantaneously spot, where you can do better and what costs are unnecessary.

Another important feature of the online accounting software is that you don’t have to be next to your pc to do your accounting. You can pull out your data by adding one touch access to your BlackBerry and iPhone. You can now check and manage your receipts, deliveries, payables and customer information from your mobile phone. The online accounting software also offers you information and statistics in a graphical form which is easy to understand such as graphs, charts and snapshots. It is now very easy to create presentations and also analyze in team meetings looking at these graphs of the company details such as profit and loss, sales, product statistics etc.

Using the online accounting software you can manage all on one screen, the invoices, estimates and customer contact information. This will allow you to save time by immediately finding how much customers owe you and what they have paid, the billing amounts etc. The same feature can be customized to create invoices and present to customers within minutes. Tracking invoices, payments and outstanding balances was never easier than this.

Another great advantage is that you can access all your data and statistics online. You don’t need to be at office or one single place to manage your accounts. You don’t have to be tied to one place and can instead from anywhere, be it a weekend vacation or from the client’s home as well. All you need for accessing QuickBooks is a pc with internet connection. There is also a process with automatic tracking s that you can print or email purchase orders. You can even take a look at all the trends in your business by pulling up data from QuickBooks. Lastly, with all this data you don’t need to be worried either as it is secure and protected.

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