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What is any prospective college student looking for in the United States? Typically, a college student wants access to an affordable, yet high-quality academic experience. He or she wants to graduate and use a postsecondary education to meet personal and professional goals.

Ashford University Student PortalThere are some institutions in the United States that will accept almost every kind of student, including those students who did not perform at the top of their high school class and those who graduated with a GED. These students are offered the same access to education in a supportive university environment because their personal educational goals are just as important. This is the kind of access to higher education offered to students of Ashford University.

An affordable education is one of the defining features of the Ashford University package. For students seeking a private university campus in the Midwest with accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission or an affordable online experience, this private university is a sensible choice. There is a lot of value contained in the total educational package and plenty of opportunities for personal development, including student support services for traditional and non-traditional students.

Students at Ashford can obtain education courses in their selected area of study and earn an associate, bachelor or master degree. They can do this with the knowledge that they are going to learn in a supportive environment, whether physical or virtual, and that the traditional barriers to getting educated in a private institution are not applicable at Ashford. One example is that students who return the next year and have earned very high grades in their courses are eligible for a special academic scholarship worth up to full tuition.

Part of the Ashford student experience is using technology to access University information and services. The Ashford student portal is a student’s convenient way to find important information, from financial account information to academic course information, in a secure online environment. The portal is designed so that a student can log in with his or her user name and password and then access on-campus and online information related to his or her educational program.

The student portal is just part of the way that Ashford meets its mission to educate students completely through 100% distance learning. The resources of the student portal are enjoyed both by campus students and distance learning students living around the U.S. and in other countries. Students even take part in online classes while serving abroad in the Armed Forces.

What all students can count on is affordable tuition, which may even be more affordable than paying the out-of-state tuition rate at a public college or university. Ashford has a traditional 24-acre campus in Clinton, Iowa. This campus offers a traditional residential experience in co-educational residence halls and the requisite intercollegiate and intramural athletics and student activities and organizations. There is even an Honors program that will appeal to students seeking the highest level of academic achievement.

Ashford University also provides many services to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing their postsecondary education online. These services are offered to students who enroll after high school, those who transfer credits from other postsecondary institutions, and those who just want to audit courses for their own educational benefit. As an Ashford student, it is possible to access an entire degree program by only taking online courses.

Ashford University Student Portal


Going hand in hand with the student portal providing access to students no matter where they are located is the Ashford University mobile app. This is an app that helps students to access online education courses and other university information using a mobile device. This access means that a student can stay connected with the University regardless of where he or she travels at any time.

Students should expect to use technology to successfully complete their educational program at Ashford. They need access to a computer whether they enroll as a traditional or distance learning student.

Online course delivery enables the University to keep costs down for students, a must for ensuring ongoing access to higher education. That’s why the University successfully attracts people who are working full-time and using their university credits to advance in their professional careers. Also, students can use the Student Portal to access invoice information. They can even print out their financial account history and provide it to their employer for tuition reimbursement.

Online education is not for everyone, but it is a form of postsecondary education that has leveled the playing field for colleges and universities. Students from all walks of life find it convenient to enroll online at Ashford, access student information and student services through the student portal, and complete a university degree program pursuant to their personal abilities and goals.

Every Ashford student will benefit from professional guidance beginning with the admissions and financial aid process. That is why the university’s main website is also an important source for finding information. Once a student is admitted and enrolled, he or she can use the student portal to continue finding out the latest information that affects his or her student life.

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For services that students do not find on the student portal, the main website offers tons of other helpful information. If a person needs to contact a person directly at the Clinton campus, it is as simple as calling or chatting online with a University representative. Students love Ashton because they know that the faculty and staff are committed to supporting their success regardless of their traditional or distance learning status.

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