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At, which is the HM Revenues and Customs official website, customers can log in to find out more about taxes and other important information. With a full menu of comprehensive choices that make paying taxes just a little less painful, this fantastic site has a lot to offer. Here is some information that will help you navigate the easy to use site.

Quick Links

To the left of your screen, you’ll find a list of quick links that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for in record time. With calculators and tools to help you get the numbers right, plus information on Capital Gains Tax, and a link to Charities and Donors, the list also includes links to a complete library of information. You can also find Forms to download, and if you want more information about how to make a complaint or file an appeal, you can find links on this section of the website. In addition, you’ll see a quick link to how to pay HMRC, along with an informative rates and tables section. If you need to report a change to your basic information, you can do that with an easy link located in this section. In addition, links to Welsh/Cymraeg and Your Charter are located here.

Individuals and Employees

For those individuals and employees looking for specific information, there is an entire tab with topics available. Here, you can find information about the Child Benefit and learn about Tax Credits. You can also find important links to National Insurance and Income Tax, along with a link to Self Assessment. If you are coming to the UK and need more information about taxes, be sure to read the “Coming to the UK” section, and if you are a pensioner or if you need to find assistance for a pensioner, click on the “Pensioners” link. Individuals who are self employed can find assistance here as well.


For employers, the list of options is comprehensive as well. Here, you can select from PAYE – all tasks, or simply take a look around by selecting the “Getting Started” button from the menu. If you need to make a payment or file in-year forms, there is a link available, and links are also available for Statutory Pay and Expenses / Benefits, PAYE / NICs rates, CIS, and more.

For Businesses and Corporations

Businesses and corporations can find important information on VAT, Corporation Tax, Import and Export, Pension Schemes, and Stamp Taxes. In addition, there is important information regarding starting a business available in this section, along with information on partnerships and more.

No matter who you are, if you pay taxes, this is a helpful site to visit. For help with the site, simply click the “Contact Us” button at the top of the page.

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