How To Get Rid Of Mice?

How to get rid of miceMice are a serious problem for many homeowners. Exterminators tend to be expensive and are not always the best choice for preventing future mice infestations; likewise, if you have small pets or children in your home, the methods that are used by exterminators may not always be the safest option to consider. Because the presence of rodents can create a lot of potential risks within a household, it is fairly common that individuals start seeking alternative methods on how to get rid of mice. Here are a few of the most popular suggestions.

Consider investing in a sonic noise repellant system. These types of products are great because they are discreet and do not pose any harm to your pets or children in the house. The system works by emitting a high pitched frequency of sonic noise which is reported to ward off any rodents that are in the area. Since the system works on a high frequency, it cannot be detected by your pets or anyone else that is in the room.

If you do not have to worry about pets or children having access to the items that you are using to fight off the mice infestation, you might want to consider using options such as poison. This is similar to the same type of poison that the exterminator uses, but more affordable. You can buy enough poison in bulk if you are dealing with a serious mouse problem or if you want to ensure that you have enough for future use in situations where the mice seem to keep returning to your property. It works best when sprinkled outside in areas where the mice are finding entry into your home; however, you can also put some poison in the areas where they hide in your house as well. As always, when dealing with poison, you need to be careful to limiting how much you use and where you place it, because you do not want to expose other people to the poison unknowingly.

One method that always seems to work well is the use of mouse traps. Although traditional methods are still available, most mouse traps have truly evolved in the methods that they are used and the results that can be gained with proper usage. Traditional mouse traps will still result in the eventual death of the mouse that encounters them; however, there are now many mouse traps that offer more humane options by keeping the mouse alive so that you can release them back into nature after they have been captured. This is ideal for people who are against the idea of killing mice to deal with the problem. If killing the mouse seems more appropriate to you, there are also options such as covered traps. This is a better choice if you need to kill mice but do not want to deal with sight of the deceased rodents caught in the trap.

Yet another alternative that many people are interested in is the use of electronic zapper systems. These work similarly to traps, but are inaccessible to pets and children. The system is designed to lure mice to travel inside of the trap in search of the bait; when the mouse is inside, the trap electrocutes them quickly. Although these systems tend to be more expensive than the traditional traps, they produce more convenient results. The zapper systems can hold multiple mice and also have signals that let you know when a mouse has been captured and exterminated properly.

If you use even a few of these suggestions for how to get rid of mice, you should have improved results in dealing with your mice infestation. It is important to realize that not every mouse problem requires professional assistance from a local exterminator. Whether you are searching for a method that will be more convenient for you or safer for your children and pets, there are countless alternative methods that can be used to help stop the occurrence of mice on your property. Although mice can be difficult to ward off in some situations, with the combination of the right prevention and extermination methods, you should significantly reduce the amount of mice entering your home.

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Anonymous April 6, 2012 at 10:51

I am actually terrified of mice… rats don't bother me, but mice freak me out. They actually LIKE the taste of people and if given the chance, would eat a human alive. A rat, though given a bad rep, doesn't like humans unless they are rabid… mice are evil little pests.

DragonSleep Elf April 9, 2012 at 04:27

The natural way by a having good cat is also good.

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