How to Get Rid of Moles and Warts

How to get rid of molesThere are few things as embarrassing as a mole or a wart in a conspicuous location. From puffy moles with a few strands of hair in the center to common plantar warts on the feet, these skin conditions can easily make you want to stay out of sight, even if that means sacrificing a trip to the beach, a vacation with a friend or an important family event.

That’s the bad news when it comes to moles and warts. The good news is that these skin conditions are ultimately very treatable. Here’s a brief look at what causes moles and warts and how you can get rid of them.

Causes of Moles

Skin moles, those skin growths that look like freckles on steroids, most typically appear during the first thirty years of life. Many moles, in fact, are present at the time of our birth. As we grow, the mole will also grow. By adulthood, most people will have anywhere from 10 to 40 moles.

There are some skin conditions, such as acne, that can sometimes be prevented just through diet alone. Moles, however, are not within this category. A mole grows when skin cells grow in a cluster instead of being evenly spread out the way they are supposed to be. Called melanocytes, these dark-colored skin cells are usually brown or black and tend to darken during the teen years.

Cancerous Moles

Moles are a normal, harmless fact of life for most people. When these moles start to bleed, itch, scale or ooze, however, there’s a chance that the mole has become cancerous. If you fear you have a cancerous mole, you should visit a dermatologist immediately to investigate it. Untreated skin cancer, just like any type of untreated cancer, can be deadly.

Causes of Warts

There are several common types of warts, including the dome-shaped, gray-brown warts called simply common warts that usually grow on the hands. There are also the plantar warts that grow on the bottom of the feet; the flat warts that grow on the face, arms, or legs; and the periungal warts that grow around toe and fingernails.

All of these warts are caused by human paillomavirus, or HPV. There are over 100 types of HPV, some of which can cause warts, some of which can even cause cancer.


Treatments for Skin Moles and Warts

One way to treat moles and warts is to go to a dermatologist and have the offending skin cells removed. In the case of a mole that could be cancerous, it may even be advisable to follow this route of treatment. However, there are other, less expensive ways to treat moles and warts.

If you go to the doctor, for example, you can expect to pay for an initial consultation, then the treatment or procedure itself. This can easily cost hundreds of dollars. In some cases, such as removing a mole strictly for cosmetic reasons, health insurance may not cover the cost of the procedure, thus leading to an even higher price tag.

On the other hand, over the counter creams, band-aids and oils can also be used to remove or reduce moles and remove warts.

One product that is particularly effective is DermaTend, a product that earns high marks from many Amazon users. What’s special about DermaTend, as compared to other mole and wart removal products, is that DermaTend works for all types of skin irregularities, including moles, warts and skin tags. Most other products are designed for one of these skin conditions but do not treat all three.

When using DermaTend, you can expect the mole in question to change colors before it sloughs off from the body. The area around the mole may be red, itchy and irritated before it completely heals.

Heal Moles is another product that earns fairly good reviews. An all natural product made from high-quality essential oils, Heal Moles is good product for customers looking for a natural formula cure their mole problem. However, it is not designed to work with other skin conditions.

How These Products Work

These over-the-counter mole and wart removal products work through active ingredients designed to penetrate the skin cell walls and kill the offending cells. Formulas that remove warts will also kill the localized HPV virus in the process.

While products such as DermaTend can be a little expensive ($40 for one bottle), keep in mind that an investment into an over-the-counter product is minimal compared to what it would cost to have the mole surgically removed by a doctor.

Tip for Dealing with Warts

In a mature, well-developed wart, the problem can develop that the outer-most layer of skin has grown so thick that medicines cannot penetrate deeply enough to be effective. If you try using a wart product on a common wart or plantar wart but don’t get any results despite several days of application, you may wish to try gently scraping the surface of the wart with a clean razor. By removing the thickest, uppermost layers of skin, the medicine is then able to penetrate into the wart’s core, making the wart removal cream or oil much more effective.

When In Doubt, Consult With Your Doctor

If you are worried that your mole may be cancerous, or if you try the medicines mentioned above but experience either no results or adverse side-effects, you should consult with your doctor.

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