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The world is growing digital day and by day, and the extent of penetration of technology is unquestionable. With effort-reduction and multi-tasking technological innovations being churned out at a rapid rate, it is indeed no surprise that digitalization is the language of development today. From being just tools to make our lives easier and quicker, technology has fast filtered into every realm of life, turning from a luxury into necessity.

The most colorful invention in the past few decades is the cell phone, which revolutionized communication and redefined the world as a global village. The cell phones too, have come a long way, from being a rarity, expensive on the person and offering the only service of talking to another person. However, the rapid development of technology that the last couple of decades saw led to the evolution of the cell phone from a rarity to a necessity! It is no more just a piece of technology used to talk to somebody on the other side of the globe. The cell phones evolved into smaller, compact models that multi-tasked and allowed for communication, information sharing, carrying out speedy calculations, clicking photographs, providing access to internet and many more such functions.

The cell phone has blossomed out into a world onto itself, and is a fine way of effort-reduction while carrying out multiple operations the same time. In this section, one of the popular features that is incorporated into most ‘smartphones’-the epitome of the marvel of technology, the feature of sending messages using pictures and videos to other phones, offered by Verizon Wireless is reviewed.

The good side:

Verizon Wireless, the popular wireless network provider in America, offers a wide range of high-speed, quality services. Whether online gaming, social networking, high-speed internet usage for the World Wide Web savvy users or watching movies, Verizon is the way! Its services span a large radius, offering exciting features and advanced, faster technology. In an effort to create better communication facilities and add a personal touch to it, the phenomenon of photo and video messaging as been offered by Verizon Wireless. This is one feature that Verizon customers can avail on their phones.

No more is sharing pictures or videos with loved ones a hassle! The process of sending pictures or videos to friends is reduced from a convoluted process involving a camera, internet and the email to a simplified ‘capture and send’ technology that Verizon Wireless offers. Pictures may be clicked with the in-built cell phone camera and sent to any other compatible phone using the picture messaging technology. The facility of video messaging is next on list, allowing a thirty-second video, destined to warm your loved one’s heart, to be recorded on the phone and then instantaneously sent to any other phone or emailed.

Incorporation of the picture/video messaging service and a phone compatible with such technology would enable the user to avail the facilities of picture/ video messaging ad explore technology at one of its best. A video messaging service entitles the user to both photo as well as video sharing while photo messaging service is restricted to photos.

The Advantage:

The plus side of this particular piece of technology is that, a phone that does not have an in-built photo/video messaging facility may also avail this service. Such phones are not endowed with the facility of sending photo messages or video messages. But, with Verizon wireless subscription, they can view the pictures that are sent to them, through directions provided by Verizon to logon to the online platform Pix Place, where the photos that have been ‘messaged’ to them can be viewed.

Subscription to the photo messaging service of Verizon entitles a user (with a camera phone) to avail the full version of the upload service. Updating pictures on social profiles, sharing the videos of an event and reaching out to your loved ones wherever they are, all done at high speed!

The other advantage of this application is that the phone does not need an internet connection if endowed with this feature. There is an online tool called the VZWPix Place, which is a platform to upload and share photographs. Any number of pictures taken can be instantly uploaded and stored in albums at the Pix Place. This Pix Place account is accessible from the email that is registered with the Verizon Wireless service and so, pictures that have been uploaded can be viewed from any computer! Speak of easy technology and here it is!

Those who want to combine pictures and video in a single message can do so too. Another feature that has caught the eye is the compatibility with external mobile networks. A Verizon mobile phone with the video messaging service can share pictures or videos with another domestic network on any other mobile too, broadening the feature’s applicability! The horizon of the Verizon photo/video messaging service extends internationally as well. The nominal charges for sending/uploading the photos or videos (0.50 $) and receiving such messages (0.25$), with additional roaming charges for international sharing are the final tip in favor of this technology.

‘Limited’ Limitations:

However, the slight limitations that users face is that the charges, while roaming, are increased as per the size of the file that is shared, and the messaging charges for each photo/video remain constant up to the 1st ten recipients whereupon there is an increase.

Also, the sending/receiving obviously depends on the coverage area and our presence in it while using the application.

People looking for complete value of their mobile phone gadgets, with speedy technology between their twiddling thumbs might want to go for this application.

To know more about this speed-filled, next generation technology, the following number may be contacted.
Phone: 877-228-5774


There is also a chat facility instituted within their official website for those would like personal answers to their queries regarding the photo/video messaging and other services of Verizon Wireless.

For the Tweeting and Facebook savvy users, Verizon Wireless USA can be followed there too, on their respective official pages.

It’s communication at the core, with fast technology adorning it to unleash the perfect package for your hand-gadget.

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