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With, you can find the answers to all your wireless questions, and you can even shop for the newest phones and accessories. MetroPCS covers ninety percent of America with great wireless service, and now, thanks to a beautifully designed website, you can enjoy all they have to offer with even less effort.

Get the Service You Need

Whether you need a simple flip phone or if you would rather enjoy the convenience of one of the newest smartphones, MetroPCS can help you get exactly what you need. With an excellent rate comparison tool that lets you see how their services stack up to other favorite cellular service carriers, along with deals and special downloads, the site is chock full of goodies that help you make the very best decision when it comes to communications.

Excellence in Communications

With a newly expanded 4G network and top of the line handsets to make everything you need your smartphone to do happen faster than ever, MetroPCS continues to offer the best in cellular. While the new 4G network has yet to cover America, it is available in many areas. The website offers a simple tool for finding out what kind of service is available in your area and in areas near you.

Media, Investor, and Customer Relations

MetroPCS takes their motto, “Wireless for All” to a new level by offering easy to find information for the media, investors, and customers who need more information or who are looking for help. With downloadable press kits that even include photos of top company executives, plus an extensive product media library that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for, the company really does go the extra mile to ensure everyone is happy and well informed. All downloads are comprehensive and contain a wealth of information to help you get what you want.

For customers, there are a wealth of options available for contacting MetroPCS. Unlike some companies that rely solely on online transactions, this company actually has a mailing address for correspondence and another for payments.

For correspondence, you can contact them at:

MetroPCS Wireless, Inc.
PO Box 601119
Dallas, TX 75360

You can mail payments to:

MetroPCS Wireless, Inc.
PO Box 5119
Carol Stream, IL 60197-5119

For other customer service needs, you can contact by dialing *611 from your MetroPCS phone or calling 1.888.8metro8 (1.888.863.8768). With a comprehensive menu and complete information, a visit to the site is both easy and informative.

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