Tips For Purchasing Newborn Girls Clothes

Newborn Girls Clothes


As you imagine the moment of your baby girl’s birth, you can picture her entering the world and being gently placed in your awaiting arms. Before long, your tiny bundle of joy will be growing fast and will quickly outgrow or wear out new garments. Purchasing newborn girls clothes can be a stressful experience in terms of time and expense. Following are five tips for dressing a newborn.

Find Hand-Me-Downs

If you are not the first in your circle of friends to have a baby, chances are your friends will have newborn girls clothes their daughters have outgrown. Even if you feel awkward asking, most parents are more than willing to help out when it comes to the financial strain new parents are faced with.

Attend Car Boot Sales and Garage Sales

Car boot sales and garage sales are often advertised on the Internet or at local libraries. Great deals can be found at these sales as many are put on by parents in need of extra space and funds.

Buy in Bulk

In addition to purchasing items when they are on sale, many clothing items are available in multipacks. As newborns are messy, you will need up to 10 bodysuits, unless you want to be doing laundry every day.

Clothing that is Pulled Over the Head

Having large hands pull clothes over a baby’s head can be frightening for the child, and many do not like it. Avoid tears and tantrums by choosing clothes that open in the front or the side, or look for clothes with large neck holes.

Opt for the Larger Size

Babies grow quickly, so always purchase clothes that will provide room for growth. Babies will find clothing that is loose more comfortable than tight clothes that can chafe, and larger clothes will last longer.

Get a ‘Wearable Blanket’ Sleeper

Wearable blankets cannot be kicked off by your loved one, and they also minimize suffocation risks. If you have ever pushed a baby in a pram, you will know how frustrating it is to have to repeatedly pick up blankets from the dirty ground. Save yourself this time and stress by purchasing a wearable blanket.

Purchase Clothes Online

There are some amazing deals on newborn girls clothes at sites such as eBay and Amazon. You can often save a lot of money by seeing what the online world has available.

Wash New Clothes

Regardless of where you purchase your baby’s clothes, remember to wash them before they are worn. This is a safety measure, as well as reducing risks of skin irritation.

Buy Unisex

If you are planning on having more than one child, buy unisex clothes. This will allow you to use them on your second child whether they are a boy or a girl. While, initially, baby boys will not object to pink clothing, he may take exception to it later in life when you show his baby pictures to future girlfriends.

Check the Size Tags

Clothing is sold by month, but it also has a weight and height range on the tag. As babies vary greatly in size, base your purchase on the height and weight range of your baby, instead of the age in months.

Be Aware of Seasonal Changes

If winter is approaching, do not buy summer clothes regardless of the deal. Chances are, by the time it is warm enough for her to wear them, she will have outgrown them.

These tips can help reduce stress and save time when it comes to purchasing newborn girls clothes. If you are aware of any additional tips, feel free to contact me at



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