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At, students and educators who have signed up for the service can use their name and password to enter. Once you have entered your name and password, you will have access to all that Student Education 2020 has to offer.

Before You Start

Before you begin using the website, you should take the virtual tour, which will show you where to find everything that you need to make your online education a success. Student Education 2020 was founded in 1998 and has grown to serve more than 800 school districts and 2,500 schools in 39 different states across America.

The site is a leading provider of both elective and core instruction in blended and virtual learning environments. Constructed with the needs of students in grades six to twelve in mind, e2020 supports innovative learning models that help to facilitate individualized learning for these students. Whether gifted or challenged, students from all walks of life will enjoy all that this amazing site has to offer.

With content that supports online and hybrid learning, e2020 allows teachers to facilitate learning for each and every student according to the needs of the student. With an emphasis on instructional content in both elective and core subjects, the website features programs that help students to recover lost credits and accrue important credits toward graduation. Students may participate in Advanced Placement course and prepare for end of course and standardized assessment tests, along with state tests while on the site. In addition, Student Education 2020 offers tutoring to and support for adult learning.

Popular Links

Empowering schools to meet educational challenges, and offering a wide range of programs along with important virtual school solutions, e2020 features a link labeled Solutions which allows you to learn more about what the site has to offer. Modern and flexible, plus individualized for a personal approach, some of these solutions include the following:

  • Virtual Classroom Suites – a comprehensive section where course content is presented in a way that engages students in the learning process via many different activities that support every lesson.
  • Virtual Tutor – this individualized program is geared toward test preparation and intervention. With content appropriate for GED, ACT, and SAT tests, along with individualized state tests, it features diagnostics and identifies skills that need additional study time.
  • Web Administrator – created just for administrative personnel and teachers, this section features powerful tools that allow you to monitor and report student progress in real time. With features that allow you to customize courses and even grade, this is a valuable tool you shouldn’t be without.

You can contact e2020 at 877.202.0338, or you can connect via Facebook or Twitter. Just click Contact Us to choose the option that works best for you.

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