With www.caljobs.ca.gov, employers can post jobs and prospective employees can search for jobs.  There is much more to this website, which features wonderful graphics and offers easy interactivity.  Let’s take a look.

For Employers

Employers can connect with California’s labor and workforce development agency.  In addition, employers can contact the California department of industrial relations through the site.

For Employees

www.caljobs.ca.govFor prospective employees, CalJob provides a list of jobs throughout the state of California.  In addition, the website contains a comprehensive listing of state employment opportunities.  Be sure to check back often, as employment needs can change as time passes.

At Job Central, employees can search for jobs in other states, and by following the link to Government job listings, you can even find opportunities with the Federal government.

The Get Ready for the Job link contains important information you can use to prepare yourself for a variety of different jobs in several different fields, while another link explains how you can make yourself more marketable to prospective employers.  At Experience Unlimited, professionals come together for networking and support, and help one another as possibilities are explored.

In addition, this segment of the website contains a comprehensive list of job fairs and hiring events designed to help you get back on your feet or find a job that more suitably fits your requirements.

Last, but not least, you can find a link to COBRA health insurance here, along with a link to the EDD.

The How To Section

In the How To  section of the website, you can find assistance with filing claims for disability, as well as assistance with filing claims for unemployment insurance.  You can gain access to important data including labor market information and tax information, and you can even find ways to get training.

More Than Just Jobs

Suitable for people with disabilities, workforce partners, veterans, and older workers, as well as youths, the site is full of useful information that can help you to wage war against discrimination and find the employers you want to work for.  In short, this is California’s internet system for linking everyone with an interest in employment – employers, employees, and others.

To contact site administrators, click on About CalJOBS at the bottom of the page, then select from the menu of options.  In addition, you may call 1 (800)758-0398 Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST. People with hearing impairments can access a TTY by dialing the same number.

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