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Getting in touch with your loved ones who are presently in prison is not an easy task. Snail mailing them is not a great option since you never really know about the certainty of the delivery. Since the prison inmates are allowed to meet their dear ones on few occasions, an e-mail delivery system can be of great help in establishing a better contact. Corrlinks, an email system to establish better communication with the prisoners can be ideal way to get in touch with the near and dear ones.

Prisoners who want to establish contact with a person has to set up an account with corrlinks and fill the required personal information of the person to be contacted. After setting up the corrlinks account, the inmate will be able to send an invite to the person he wishes to communicate through the website. After approval from other end, a reliable two way communication system can be established.

The corrlinks emailing system therefore acts as an able platform that can make use of a secured channel to start a communication. This is why a major part of the system would work on continuous running network of emails to maximum number of people. People who wish to get access to an inmate can approve or block his/her invite to you.

The program provides a tremendous advantage to the inmates and the people who wish to stay in touch with the near ones. There are a huge number of benefits and also drawbacks that feature in the corrlinks program. The support of ATG (advanced technologies group) for the correction agency makes up for a reliable platform for lasting communication between the prisoners and the people.

Corrlinks Benefits:

Faster communication than snail mail:

How often do the prisoners access the snail mail services? Well not with the same frequency that they wish for. However, with access to computer terminals in prison library, inmates can get in touch with the individuals in a hope to share a few words. By paying up a minimum deposit for email to be sent out, prisoners can send multiple invites via the corrlinks site in order to establish a contact. Generally the emails are accessible to the individual within an hour or two after careful examination by the law bodies, intelligence agency and also the prison authorities. The emails are then shared on the corrlinks site from where the person can access the email by keying in the registry number of the prisoner.

Authenticated messages:

The crucial aspect of corrlinks email program is that the inmates would be able to send and receive only authenticated emails that can avoid any spam or junk in the inbox. This is also considered one of the safest mediums to exchange emails in a convenient way. With the support of an easy gateway that can handle large traffic, corrlinks sites are trustworthy and are not subject to crash.

Simple and hassle free process:

The process of sending email or establishing contact with an individual is very simple and hassle free. The easy sign up procedure and minimal formalities involved in the corrlinks email program makes it worth the money. The use of restriction services gives total control of the email program which can further provide a better user experience. By availing the invite that consists of security code of the prisoner, people wishing to establish contacts can get email alerts after registering on corrlinks.

Controlled and protected messages:

As mentioned earlier, the inmates and also the individuals can control the number of messages and the people who can authorize sending the emails. By using the block/ approve list, individuals can have the ability to restrict the flow of unauthorized emails to their inbox.

Additional services:

Corrlinks is not just subject to sending and receiving emails. With proper consent from the jail officials, telephonic conversations can be carried out between the prison inmate and the individual via the internet. Corrlinks hosts the conversation at a minimal charge. As in all cases, all the conversations are barged for security reasons.

A very effective program like corrlinks also has its own flaws that can be corrected in due course of time. Some of the notable flaws in the program can be identified as slower response, increased security that forces to cut short messages, lack of privacy, unavailability of the IM feature and vulnerability of locked down issues.

Longer turnaround time:

The emails sent to the end users are introspected by more than one and at times a troop of investigation agencies which holds up the delivery of the email on time. The long turnaround time is the biggest disadvantage that can be found in the corrlinks program.

Lack of privacy:

Each and every conversation is monitored by the officials’ therefore forcing people to limit their conversation to general talks and not personal messages. This restricts the conversation levels when compared to the use of regular snail mails that are given away to the prisoners without cross checking them.

Lack of IM facility:

The IM facility is an integral feature of several email programs. However, with tightened security the IM feature is disabled.

Lockdown problems:

Whenever the prison computer terminals are locked down, people may not be able to send or receive emails from the inmates thereby creating trouble to the people.


Corrlinks is a breakthrough program that is designed to help out those who are unfortunately locked up in prisons to get connected to the outside world. With a reliable and trusted program powered by ATG, the corrlinks inmate email support program can be of great relief for those who badly want to stay connected to their loved ones.
Signing up for these services is very easy. All the contact information about the individuals should be filled out by inmate so as to send an invite to get a confirmation to open up two way conversation. To set up an account today log on to www.corrlinks.com, where in the registration process can be continued.

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Arlene Thomas May 8, 2012 at 18:11

Why is it when I login everytime it always says WRONG PASSWORD, I AM SO TIRED OF THAT IT NEVER FAILS

Valarie Jg May 8, 2012 at 18:18

Maybe its sensative

Valarie Jg May 8, 2012 at 19:14

Oops, I meant case sensative. I hate when u have to read the code and log that on. Lol. Something wrong w/ my eyes. Lol

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Yes it is very senative. Omg

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Did u confirm ur email anty???

Arlene Thomas May 8, 2012 at 20:32

Yes. Im sure I dd makes so mad

Grace Lizarraga October 8, 2013 at 03:41

I purchased the Premier Service which has lots of benefits; i.e., easier to log in & not that test thing that you have to copy what see above. Sorry I forgot what it’s called. I send emails to my son, & he sends me emails as well. The service suppositely should notify me when I receive one of his emails. It’s not doing it! Also it’s suppose to be easy to log in when I need to send him an email. I was charged for this service, but how to use or get into it. Please Help!

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