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With www.dmv.ca.gov, comes the end of standing in endless lines at the California Department of Motor Vehicles. No matter what you need to do, with the exception of getting a brand new drivers’ license, you can do at the DMV website. Let’s take a look at the site’s top features.

Interactivity Galore

Designed to be used with iPhones and Androids, and with videos that help you learn more about the DMV in general, as well as some nifty tutorials designed to enhance your experience using the site, the California Department of Motor Vehicles website is easy to navigate and unbelievably fun to visit. With online registration services and the ability to make appointments with your local DMV on the go, the site is destined to become a favorite with Californians from all walks of life.

You can even connect with the DMV on Facebook and Twitter, where you can find feedback from other customers who have used the site.

Office Finder

Click on the “Offices” tab to find links to local DMV offices near you. Here, you can obtain days and hours of operation and even make appointments so you don’t have to stand in those legendary DMV lines.

Online Services

Another handy link is located front and center at the top of the tabs along the upper border of the page. With links to online motor vehicle registration, online drivers license renewal, Vehicle records and driving records, along with a variety of downloadable forms and other features, this section is like having your own personal DMV assistant. Customers have complimented the DMV, expressing amazement at how easy the site is to use – check it out for yourself and prepare to be amazed!

In addition, the site offers some handy links to self-assessment quizzes that can help you to prepare for licensing. With questions that reflect the reality of what you’ll find on the real test, these mock exams are certainly helpful and are even fun to take.

Contacting the DMV Has Never Been Easier

If you have ever sat on the phone for an hour just trying to have a simple question answered, look no more. The DMV website has limitless information that is easy to find and contact information is listed for each of the area DMV offices so you can begin taking care of business from your home or office. Just click on the Contact Us button for ways to get in touch.

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How can I reg 1000 for clean air sticker please!Thx

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