www.employflorida.com – A site makes even job searching a learning experience.

www.employflorida.comThe internet has opened up many doors for people looking for employment. Job hunting often boils to pure luck. But, now there are many websites out there which provide job listings to job seekers while giving opportunities to companies to list out their jobs on their page. This way you don’t have hop from one company to another for vacancies.

The job search websites offer extensive research possibilities for you to know all the job opportunities you can get. Florida has recently had a high unemployment rate. As of August 2011, about 987,000 people are jobless out of a labor force of 9,201,000. This is where the role of an effective job search site like www.employflorida.com comes into play.

Indeed, job search websites have made finding employment opportunities easier and simpler. All the jobs listed out on the site have detailed descriptions so you have a fair idea as to what you will be applying for. The requirements of the companies are given so you can see if you fit the job profile. The job search websites give opportunities to new business companies too so people are aware of their existence.

Companies make themselves more visible by putting their requirements and description out on all the top job search website portals. www.employflorida.com also provides a list of jobs it thinks you would be interested in depending on what option you choose. The options you have to find jobs are- job search by employer, by education, by skills or by what your résumé reads.

You also have easy options of a quick job search and an advanced job search. All you have to register with them and then you can scroll through the variety of jobs the site lists out. The advanced job search button fine tunes the job search in Florida or any out of state region. You will have checkboxes for the job source criteria and job occupation criteria. You could search for jobs with the help of keywords. You could enter the words you want in a job description and which words you don’t, and the database will omit the unwanted ones by giving a filtered version of the job listings.

There was a time when searching for a job listing meant waiting for a Sunday to bring in the newspaper classifieds. Now, internet has provided us with several job search sites which not only get us the job related to the profile we were looking for but also provide supplemental services like creating résumés and distributing to them various companies.

This can speed up the job hunt process considerably. www.employflorida.com has smart résumé builder software which can help you make your background attract several high profile companies. This website also provides career tips which help you identify your strengths and weaknesses as well as a tool which helps you get a job which relates to even your personal skills. It even has a tool which matches your old job description to a bunch of new ones.

Main advantages:

Also, the tool asks you to enter what you consider to be important in a job and what work values you have developed. Depending on that, it lists out jobs which match up to your preferences and consider those things important which you do too. This way, you have a connection with the workplace even before you start working.

The site also has a “Career informer” which provides details specific to the job like the wages, future employment outlook, work environment conditions, required skills and abilities, etc. This enables you to see the job description in full detail from various angles. And, if a company needs you to get training in a particular field for you to qualify for the job, then you need not feel helpless, as www.employflorida.com also provides educational services which help you find personal trainers and schools which will help upgrade your skills. They link the page to where you can find the training providers’ names and details including their costs and duration of the course. They list out the schools in your area for convenience.

For individuals who fall under the age group of 16 to about 18, there is helpful youth services information on the site. It provides links to those websites which can assist young individuals to look for a job, counseling for further education after high school and even information about financial aid and exploring military service options.

www.employflorida.com is truly a one stop solution to all the information you would ever need for employment purposes as well as for clearing up post high school future related issues. It even lists out social service opportunities for the youth.

There is a section on the website which gives information and statistics on questions like what jobs are currently listed in the area you live in, which ones are the highest or lowest paid, which ones are most likely to have the most job openings in the future, which ones are the fastest or slowest growing occupations, what are the largest employers in the area etc. It even gives the option of checking out profiles of jobs related to a specific industry or occupation.

The site also provides services available through the US Department of Veteran affairs. There are links present to give you information about topics like services for disabled veterans, general organizations for veterans, services available through Florida Department of Military affairs, etc. www.employflorida.com has centers which provide training and employment opportunities all at one place. They also include programs such as unemployment insurance, vocational education, vocational rehabilitation etc.


www.employflorida.com has different registration forms for employers and job seekers. It even sets up a virtual recruiter tool for the employer, which finds candidates within the system who match the job skills of their work profile. It communicates with job seekers via the system’s email and messaging centre. The user friendly, interactive site assists you every step whether you are a job seeker or an employer looking for the best candidate for the job.

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