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A fast age and a fast generation demands only fast food. Yes, we are talking of this very age and generation that does not have the luxury of wasting time even when it comes to a meal. We have gone from sitting and dining at the table to ordering fast food and sitting on the couch and eating. Yes, times have changed and so has our eating habits. Food has always played a major role in each of our lives; however it has taken on many forms and avatars to keep us pleased. Today the fast food market is growing in leaps and bounds. The reasons for this is because we all want to eat filling meals that would be tasty and that would not take too much of preparation time. There are a number of food giants who have taken note of this point.

Happy Meal

They have come up with food that can be served to the customer within minutes. This food not only fills your stomach but it is also quite tasty and the best part is that everything is available readily. All you have to do is pay money, order and then sink your teeth into a tasty morsel of food. Yes, it’s that simple and all this takes place even before you walk out of the restaurant or food outlet. One of the most successful fast food giants is MacDonald’s. They have been serving up customers for a very long time and no one has ever been disappointed when they walk into a Macdonald’s outlet. MacDonald has also gone international and their formula seems to be working wonders all across the globe.

They have managed to come up with the best marketing strategies for their food products. MacDonald’s is very well known for their hamburgers, French fries, cheeseburgers, chicken, shakes, soft drinks and desserts. From time to time they have changed their menu depending on customer demand. They have also included food items such as salads, smoothies and wraps for customer convenience.  In 1979, they introduced the Happy Meal which was designed for kids. The Happy meal included a hamburger, French fries, a soft drink and a small toy for the kids. The inception of this marketing idea attracted a lot of hype and kids all over the country loved it. The Happy Meal is still in demand till date.


Advantages of the Happy Meal:
  • The Happy Meal is designed for kids and hence it has quantities that would be very filling for a child.
  • Over the years, there were a number of changes that were made to the happy meal. In some places, an Ice-cream is served along with the soft drink.
  • Your child would love to have Happy Meal because it is not just tasty but it is also very attractive.
  • MacDonald’s has constantly made an effort to be innovative and hence the toy inside the happy meal is changed regularly. Now days, children would find an action hero or a cartoon character and this changes depending on the season and trend.
  • There are many people who have made it a hobby to collect toys from Happy Meal packs. MacDonald’s has been very successful in marketing the Happy Meal with this single strategy.
  • The food that is served in the Happy Meal meets all hygiene standards before it is served out and hence there is no need for health concerns.
  • There are so many parents who have a problem with children who are fussy or picky eaters. The Happy Meal would even lure such children into eating a meal that would fill them completely.
  • If you have to take your children out with you for a long day, then the best meal for them is the Happy Meal not just because it is filling but also because it keeps them entertained and occupied for the rest of the day.
  • It can be packed easily because everything is ready across the counter hence no time is wasted.
  • The meal is fresh and the best produce and fresh ingredients are used to make the meal tasty and mouth watering.


Disadvantages of a Happy Meal:
  • There is one very obvious disadvantage to the Happy Meal. It is not a very healthy diet plan
  • The Happy Meal is great for children once in a way for some occasion but it should not be made a habit.
  • The Happy meal contains a lot of calories and hence it can be given to a child once a month or twice a month but not every week.
  • There are a number of parents who have complained that children get hooked onto the happy meal and then do not eat any other healthy food.
  • It is very difficult to convince children to eat something healthy like an apple or a banana when they know they have the option of ordering for a happy meal.



Macdonald’s is one of those food giants that have stood the test of time. They have been able to convince customers with their products and attractive marketing strategies. Their food is not just great to taste but it is fun too. The ambience of a MacDonald’s outlet is also very warm, welcoming and cheerful. Above all this the one thing that no one would ever miss is Donald: the official mascot of MacDonald’s. He is the most prominent member of every MacDonald outlet. Both kids and adults of all ages love to spend time at a MacDonald outlet only because of the setting and the atmosphere.

Apart from the ambience, it is also very easy to order for your favorite food. The only drawback with the Happy Meal is that it contains a lot of fat and calories. In spite of this drawback people still prefer to eat a Happy Meal. The Happy Meal was designed for kids but it has won the hearts of people of all age groups. If you are someone who is not at all concerned about adding to your waist-line, then the Happy Meal is for you. Go ahead and savor the taste of good food!

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