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If you are currently planning to change your health insurance provider or take up a new one, you must consider for Humana insurance providers. www.humana.com will bring you in terms with a variety of business units that provide insurance coverage to various groups of applicants. They have some of the best laid out comprehensive plans in the industry. They have separate pages for providers, employers, pharmacists, agents or brokers, government or public sectors and also for the news media. They supplement benefit plans which operates in two segments- the government and commercial. They even provide a personal health coaching plan which connects you to a certified health coach.


Humana vows to provide guidance and support every step of the way in making this crucial investment in health insurance. They offer plans with the right coverage which fits your budget. You can easily register with them and have your unique id and password. Depending on where you live, you can choose unique plan designs like a plan with office visit co-pays or a plan which provides coverage for only a short period of time. They have a wide range of deductible options too. They also give you plans which entail additional benefits of dental, life or accident coverage.

How does Humana work?

If you are looking for individual plans, www.humana.com provides Humana One, a plan where one can choose any of the available deductibles. The deductibles are $500, $1000, $2,500 and $5,000. As long as you make sure your deductible expense is met, the insurance policy pays 80% of the next $10,000 in covered expenses. Doctor visits are included in the plan. Also, if you want a plan temporarily, like for instance because you are waiting for group coverage to begin, you could opt short term medical plan with Humana One.

You can receive coverage as quick as the next day of applying, as long as you are eligible. Humana One also has dental plans which offer low deductibles and 100% coverage for most of the preventative procedures. There are two plans; one which doesn’t give a dentist selection restriction and other which requires you to select a primary dentist. They also have individual vision insurance which enables you to save money on eye exams, eye glasses, lenses, frames and even offers you discounts on vision procedures like LASIK.

To apply for the individual plans, you need to fill an application form which consists of details like your social security number, height and weight, medical history and information of your previous health insurance plans. The medical history is required for Humana to review it thoroughly and determine whether you qualify for coverage. The individual plans also have financial protection schemes like a critical illness cash plan which gives cash payment if one is diagnosed with an illness or a whole life insurance to cover your final expenses.

Humana also has insurance through the employer. Three out of five people receive their medical expenses coverage through the employer’s group plan. The medical plans include high deductible health plan, PCA plan, coverage first, preferred provider organization, health maintenance organization, point of service and Humana classic. The HDHP is compatible with Health Savings Account. It has low premiums and an integrated deductible for medical costs. The PCA (Personal Care Account) plans don’t require copayments for medical expenses. The CoverageFirst plan gives each covered member a separate allowance. The PPO plan provides coverage for out-of-network providers and does not need referrals. The POS has two plans — regional and national. Regional is for in-network providers only whereas national gives you the option of going out-of-network too. The Humana Classic plan is for those who are willing to pay a little more for coverage and enjoy the benefits of being covered with any provider. You can find out more at www.humana.com.


It is observed by most claimants that dental insurance claims are not settled easily by humana. It also is known to ask for precertification for certain conditions such as nerve blocks.

Humana also provides employee paid plans which includes life coverage, accident coverage, critical illness coverage and cancer coverage. Note that the life coverage has two options- a term life insurance and a whole life insurance. They have a life insurance calculator which will help you know the amount of life insurance you need to make sure you can continue your healthy, happy lifestyle. It requires you to choose your tax filing status, current income, existing life insurance amount, etc among other things.

www.humana.com has a Humana Vitality plan which rewards Humana Medical Plan members for staying fit and eating right. It encourages members to make healthy choices, lose weight and live up to their personally set goals by rewarding them with VitalityBucks which members can redeem for over 600,000 rewards including movie tickets, events or even a hotel stay.

Recently, Humana Health Insurance Inc. has signed an agreement to acquire Arcadian Management services, which is a Medicare advantage HMO based out of Oakland. This will expand their business and grow enrollment.


For enquiries, members have a private email feature in the Communication Centre. Members can also call them at 1-800-448-6262 for Employer group Plan members, 1-800-457-4708 for Medicare Claims and 1-800-992-2551 for Medicare Premium Billing and Enrollment. Small business employers can contact them on the following phone number- 1-800-232-2006 and large business employers can call on- 1-800-872-7207. The phone number for agents is 1-866-4ASSIST (1-866-427-7478). The customer care service phone number for providers is 1-800-4-HUMANA (1-800-448-6262). Web specialists can contact www.humana.com at 1-877-845-3480. You can mail your claims or correspondence to Humana correspondence office, P.O Box 14601, Lexington KY 40512-4601. You can also fax your information to 1-888-556-2128. The Humana Corporate office address is Humana Inc., 500 West Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202. The phone number is 1-800-486-2620.


With so many options provided by www.humana.com, you have to first be clear on what you want out of your health insurance plan. You should be aware of your health needs and know an estimate of how much your doctor and pharmaceutical visits cost. From self employed persons to retired individuals, Humana provides great offers. Choose the one which fits you like a glove and covers all possible categories.

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