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There can’t be many adults in the United States of America who haven’t heard of the IRS, as it is the Internal Revenue Service, an agency pertaining to the United States Federal government. The IRS is under the direct administration of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. This government agency is responsible for collecting monies from United States taxpayers, and for enforcing the laws and regulations of the Internal Revenue Code. Although you are likely to be very aware of the IRS, it is possible you did not know that you can find a lot of information about the taxes you should pay at www.irs.gov, as opposed to having to go in person to your local tax office.

[snap url="http://irs.gov" alt="www.irs.gov"]After typing www.irs.gov into your web browser, you will probably be somewhat confused where to click next, and learning to navigate your way around the IRS website may take a little time. The first step is to look at the choices given on the horizontal navigation tabs, and choose the description most apt to you as a taxpayer. Options include Individuals, Businesses, and Charities and Non Profits. Once you have selected your professional status, a list of links will appear.

For “Individuals” these include a link “Where’s my refund?” which gives useful information for a taxpayer who is waiting for a tax refund. The Where’s my refund? application tells you the status of your refund application and when you can expect to be paid.

There is also a link you can click on to help you understand the notice or letter that you have received from the IRS. Many laymen do not understand financial jargon, and this link helps you decipher what the notice you have received actually means.

You will usually receive a notice because the IRS thinks you should pay additional tax, or if you a one of the lucky ones, because you are due a larger refund. Either way, you should be able to find the information you need at www.irs.gov without having to make a trip to your tax office.

There is plenty of information compiled on the IRS website for business owners; you will find links that are helpful to your specific business depending on the size and turnover. You will also find information on how to apply for Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit, and how you can get tax credit for investing in manufacturing facilities for advanced energy production.

Non profits and charities will learn information about new laws that have been created to expand health coverage, as well as provisions for tax-exempt organizations, like the latest requirements for exempt hospitals. Another issue the site covers for those that have applied for tax-exempt status, is how to find out the current status of your application.

Although www.irs.gov might take a while to navigate and find the exact information you are looking for, there is no doubt it an extremely useful site that has saved many thousands of hours for those seeking information, and tax office workers, alike.

Visit Website: www.irs.gov

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