At Map Quest’s website, viewers can find routes and directions to any destination with the help of the site’s huge electronic map. The map will help users find their way back home and even routes to go to a local restaurant in New York. By just typing the address or the name of the place you want to go, Map Quest will find it for you within seconds. Users can find best restaurants, local parks, national parks, and get directions to go to places without having to ask for help. Also, with the use of Map Quest, users can find gas stations near the place they are at; finding gas stations in times of travel is a unique feature and a convenient one for travelers. Map Quest also allows people to view current traffics through their portable electronic devices so that decisions can be confidentially made by drivers and that they can find other routes with lesser traffic. For Iphone and Android users, the system can provide a voice-guided turn-by-turn directions in order to lead the users verbally in case looking at maps electronically can be a problem for viewers.

Map Quest National Parks is a page in Map Quest that allows users to view national parks and popular sites that will enhance knowledge and promote photography by nature. The site itself will provide up-to-date news and information about each national park as well as pictures and art galleries to provide a panoramic view for users on how the place looks like. The site also has a blog page for photographers to post their pictures of parks they’ve went to. Discussions about parks will also be included there so that users can exchange experiences. Providing routes and directions can be difficult for you unless a computer is in your car with you as you drive along. Applications for Android users and Iphone users are released and open for viewers to make sure it’ll be convenient and that everyone will drive safely, correctly to right routes and directions. Tools in the webpage will also help customize your account and build up who you are. Tools like the map builder, route finder, and embed map tool will help users know where to go and mark favorite spots on the map. Furthermore, Map Quest opens a great opportunity for businesses to expose themselves out to the public by promoting themselves on maps. With Map Quest Premium Listings, businesses can stand out among other businesses and minimize competition as much as possible; this way, a restaurant, a gallery, or even a shopping mall can generate a big boom in no time.

How Do You Join Map Quest?

  1. By signing in to your account you can start browsing through your maps and embed places. If you are a new user, go to ‘create an account’ to create a new account or be a member of the site.
  2. Once you have entered the registration process, enter personal information needed: Name, date of birth, address, company name, and e-mail address.
  3. Read the terms of conditions before you agree to the terms and enter numbers or letters shown in the box to continue and finish the registration process.

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