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There are many things which a traveler would want to know when travelling to Florida. www.myflorida.com is a beautiful site which has a lot of information which can be used by a person new to the place or by one who stays there are needs help on certain aspects. The site is the official portal of the State of Florida and has all the information that is needed about the state. The site caters to the need of a visitor, a Floridian, business and government. Each section has a lot of information which is of great help.

In the visitors section one can find details of all the places that one must see when visiting Florida. There are many nature and outdoor activities which one can indulge in when they are on a visit to the state. There are maps and other resources which are of great utility to a visitor. Besides this one can also known to of the history and the culture of the state and get details of how to travel here and get the reservations done. There is also a corner for kids and a lot of information on the place and its people.

There is a lot of information on http://www.myflorida.com which is of importance to the people staying the state. These people can find information on everything that they would need in their daily lives like communities, education, health and medical, taxes, employment, laws, recreation etc. There are many sections in the business section of the site also where one can find a lot of necessary and important information. There are sections pertaining to enterprise development and technology, doing business with the state, Florida workforce, taxes, environment etc. All the information in this section will be very useful for any business in Florida.

Another very important section of the site is www.myflorida.com/accessflorida.com. Access Florida stands for Automated Community Connection to Economic Self Sufficiency. This section is that of Florida Department of Children and Families. There are many services available here like Medicaid, cash assistance, food stamps etc. One can log on to www.myflorida.com/accessflorida.com and go through the prescreening to know what benefits they are eligible for and then apply for them. One can easily apply for these benefits by filling up a form. One gets a My Access account where one can easily check the benefits that are available to them currently. There is also an option to look at the benefits that will be available in the future. There is an option to also print a temporary Medicaid card and find the date for the next review. Apart from the required list of verification one can also check the history of the benefits from this account.

The site www.myflorida.com is a very useful and beneficial site for all those who are connected to Florida in some way or the other, as a resident or as visitor. The site is user friendly and one will not have any problem in finding the information that they need.

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rose wright January 24, 2013 at 15:41

My son james reynolds need medcaid and his only 1/half years old so he can go to the doctors

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