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Usually, when there is an important occasion coming up, you would be wondering what kind of gift would be appropriate. It usually depends from person to person and there is no one gift that suits all scenarios. In fact, a lot of people spend a considerable amount of time in trying to figure out what would be the ideal gift to give a friend or a family member. You may be thinking that there are a lot of things that can be given as a gift. But if the person is special, then you would definitely want to give a special gift.

For example, if you are planning to give a gift to one of your co-workers for his marriage, then it would depend on how close you are with him. If he is just a casual friend, then you would give any of the items that you would find in a gift shop. But if he is someone that is very close to you, then you would want to buy something that is personalised and has a unique meaning. But finding such gifts can be hard and would also take a lot out of your time.

Another problem that you would face with buying a gift is that you cannot really know if the recipient already has the item with him or not. If he already has it, then your gift would become a waste. In the same way, you would not have any idea about the gifts that others would be giving. So, if two or more of you give the same gift, it would not be of any use. It would also not be feasible to discuss beforehand who is giving what. Therefore, you need to look for other ways through which you can give the proper gift.

To resolve these kinds of situations, you have an option that you can use. Instead of trying to decide which gift to present, you can always go for a gift card. There are many advantages of presenting a gift card rather than buying an actual gift. To give a gift card, you can go to the website www.mygiftcardsite.com and can get one. You can decide the denomination that you would like to have in the gift card. Therefore, all you would have to decide is how much money would be appropriate to give as a gift card.


There are many advantages of getting a gift card from www.mygiftcardsite.com. The first advantage is that you would be able to get rid of the responsibility of having to decide the perfect gift for the recipient. You would not have to worry yourself too much by trying to figure out what your friend would like to have. In fact, it becomes even tougher when you he is getting married as you would have to think about the tastes of both the people. By giving the gift card, you can avoid any such problem while still managing to make a good choice.

Another advantage with the gift card is that the recipient would be able to buy anything that he wants. Therefore, by giving this gift card, you would be able to give freedom to your friend to get what he actually likes instead of having to accept whatever you give him. Most of the times you would have faced situations where people would have brought all kinds of gifts but not even one of them would have been useful to you. To avoid such a scenario for your friend, you can present him the gift card.

By giving the gift card, you would also be saving yourself a lot of time and energy that would have been spent in going around different gift stores. But you may say that it would now be your friend who would have to waste his time. But that need not be the case as he can use the gift card to make the purchase online. Therefore, all he would have to do is sit at home and browse through the internet to find the gadgets or items that he wants and make the purchase using the gift card that you gave him.


There are a few disadvantages as well if you give the gift card from www.mygiftcardsite.com. There are complaints from customers who have used the card. The complaint is that there is no proper response from the company if there is any problem with your card. For example, if you have lost your card, you would not get any help in getting it retrieved and the common response that you get from the company is that if you lose the card, it is like losing money. So, you would have to be very careful about not losing the card under any circumstances.

Also, there have been complaints regarding the fact that there are problems while trying to register the gift card on the website www.mygiftcardsite.com. Unless you register the card, you would not be able to use it. Therefore, if the website does not respond to your registration request, then the gift card and the money in it would be wasted. Any number of complaints to the website would not give you any favourable response. You need to be careful about such problems as well.


On the whole, using a gift card from www.mygiftcardsite.com would ensure that you give the perfect gift to your friends and relatives. It would ensure that you do not have to spend any time trying to find the right gift. The recipient would also not have to be satisfied with whatever you give him. It would be a win-win situation for both parties. Apart from the few technical glitches that you would experience with the website, you should not have any problems with using the gift card. The recipient would be able to buy any item that he wants. For example, if he had always wanted to buy a particular gadget, he can now use your gift card to do so.

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Kathy LeJeune July 16, 2013 at 17:26

My daughter gave me a $50 gift card last year. I tried to use it at my local wal mart and it said it wasn’t activated. The sticker on the front says its activated and ready to use. I finally call your 800 number and find out your $2 a month inactivity fee ate it up!!! When I asked to speak to a manager she hung up on me before I could tell her my problem. This is wrong and you know it. I will find any and every way I can to let the public know about this. Evidently my daughter gave YOU her $50. Facebook will know about this and well as the Better Business Bureau. Kathy LeJeune

Kathy LeJeune July 16, 2013 at 17:29

I believe the national news should check into this. How much MORE money do you get to keep because people can’t use the card?

Anna Archambault August 8, 2013 at 00:08

Had the same problem. They charged a 2.00 fee every month and stole the last 10.00 on there. I called , and they didn’t care. Don’t buy this card!!!!

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