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Retirement plans are one of the most popular and effective ways to strategically plan and save for retirement. These plans are one of the most wonderful benefits bestowed upon employees as they are offered by their respective employers and a retirement plan is one of the most convenient and tax-advantageous ways to save for retirement. These retirement plans or pension services have first come into the existence with various promises made to the veterans of the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. These pension plans have become very popular during the World War II when the wages were frozen that adversely affected the increments in worker’s pay.

Retirement Services are defined in tax terms by the IRS that are governed by the Department of Labor’s provisions under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. Retirement plans are classified as defined benefit or defined contribution based on how the benefits are defined. Amongst these, the most popular retirement plan is the defined benefit plan where the benefits are calculated using a formula that factors final pay and service rendered. The payments are made from a trust fund that is exclusively created for this plan. There are also Hybrid and Cash Balance Plans that execute both the ideas from the above mentioned plans.

The retirement plans by ADP are developed by world class professionals leveraging robust technology in record-keeping and providing retirement services for all kinds of companies – Small Business with up to 50 employees, Mid-Size Business with up to 999 employees, and Large Business with more than 1000+ employees. These retirement plans include 401(k) plans and SIMPLE IRA retirement plans, Executive Deferred Compensation plans, and “Premium Only” (POP) cafeteria plans.


By enrolling for the retirement services, you can enjoy a large number of benefits, and the major ones are:

If you do not opt for any kind of retirement services, then most of your income becomes tax deductible and the amount that comes to your hand may not be as high as what was offered to you on the gross pay. So, to overcome this limitation, one of the few known popular ways is going for investment options where the amount is spent now or deducted from your salary only to come back to you with bigger returns. Amongst these, the most advantageous one is the retirement plan.

This is because you are earning now, and so you have your own lifestyle. But you will at one point of time get tired and would want to sit back at home and relax, get paid even while not working and still maintain your lifestyle. This is a promised affair through a good retirement plan. Thus, any kind of savings that you make through one of the ADP Retirement Plans offers you tremendous tax benefits helping you combat the TDS wars and emerge as a winner at the time of retirement with maximized savings.

Generally any company offers a retirement plan but it would be completely confusing to understand the math behind what goes out now and what comes in later. Also there could be a million options to choose from while it comes to retirement plans, and we are definitely not wealth managers to judge the individual pros and cons and then choose one from the best. But with ADP Retirement Plans on your side, this brand is already known for managing millions, or billions or even trillions of dollars of multinational organizations and is fully equipped to the core of details while it comes to helping the common man save. A simple authorization to deduct from your pay eases everything and the deposits for your ADP Retirement Plans are drawn directly from your payroll without any hassles.

You could be the junior guru dealing with all kinds of financial dealings and whatnot. ADP Retirement Plans empower your urge to opt for the best plan through their investment options list. This would provide you with numerous options to sort out and calculate how your money is saved. You can handle the whole system of asset allocation and the money you save is in your hands to be invested according to your choice.

Saving money could sometimes be easier when you have much to spend. But the real game play begins when there are limited financial resources to invest. However, with the use of customized tools powered by ADP Retirement Services on your side, you have the most powerful tools to help you plan and make savings for your retirement effectively and efficiently.


There are several disadvantages associated with pension plans or the retirement services which is always debated and individuals have their own opinions. What seems to be viable for one may seem inconsistent to another and vice versa. However, commenting broadly on the retirement savings system, the biggest obvious disadvantage is that all the money is going in, but how useful will it be when the time comes?

As nothing is predictable, you could have actually preplanned everything and might have decided to vest much in your retirement plans and what if you are forced to face an unforeseen medical condition in your family that could give you tough time while paying the bills? You still have the money saving up for the retirement, but this is of no use now.

You inability to access the money may keep your hands tied in helping your child pursue their further studies or plan for a holiday to the Caribbean for your anniversary and more. Another biggest disadvantage is going with the foresight. We all have visions, but how many might have seen the bubbles or recessions? Guessing how much we exactly need at our retirement age is next to the impossible thing.

Another drawback comes from our own nature of not investing regularly, not planning properly and beginning to invest at the right time, not able to allocate the assets wisely, inability to foresee any healthcare costs, not taking full advantage of the tax-free retirement accounts, and finally borrowing or cashing out from our own plans. Therefore plan well, invest wisely, and retire happily financially sound.


In addition to the excellent retirement services offered by ADP, the brand also offers an optional service of the 401(k) Administration plan with several features like payroll integration, enrollment materials and support, investment options, participant communications, quarterly participant statements, and plan activity reports. It is a comprehensive package for anyone looking for security in the twilight times.

Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP®) is headquartered at 1 ADP Boulevard Roseland, NJ 07068 and can be reached by calling 800-225-5237. If you are an existing ADP Retirement Services Customer, you may access your plan information by visiting www.MyKPlan.com.

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