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If you are one of those lucky Starbucks customers who have been timely enough to hit the Starbucks cash counter to get a printed “survey” receipt along with your bill, congratulations! Every customer does not get it and since you are the chosen one, you have lots of things to look out for. Your survey receipt is a kind of invitation for you to complete a survey about your recent Starbucks experience at their survey site www.mystarbucksvisit.com.

Take a little time out from your busy schedule to complete the survey. Very few customers get this chance and kudos to Starbucks that it can acquire all the meaningful information and feedback that it wants from such rarely printed out survey receipts that it caters out to a lucky few guests only. Since you have been chosen as the lucky one, get going. This survey is going to be rewarding for you and your favorite coffee chain. While you have a surprise waiting for you, Starbucks also will get a chance to understand its customer reactions better and buff up its service, food and ambience in response to that.

Advantages of participating in www.mystarbucksvisit.com survey
  • Takes only a few minutes to complete.
  • Gets you a coupon code at the end which you can take back with your receipt to the Starbucks outlet for a free shot at your favorite beverage.
  • You get to offer your valued suggestions and help improve the service.
  • You get to learn a lot more about the services offered by the brand.
  • Every Starbucks customer does not get a survey completion receipt upon purchase. It’s rare and occasional.
  • Survey must be completed before the expiration date. Keep a watch on that or else your valuable Survey receipt will go waste.
  • Risks of entering a scam Starbucks survey is there if you don’t get into it through the official site. This is important for every Starbucks customer to know since you would be then wasting your time in completing a survey questionnaire which will eventually get you nothing.

1) You will need a valid survey receipt, NOT past the expiry date for survey participation from Starbucks, if you desire to participate in the survey.

2) You will also need to keep your Starbucks receipt for the purpose since the survey asks you to type in the customer code that is printed in your receipt before you begin the survey. Do not mix this up with your order number. Your customer code is printed at the bottom of your receipt and every code begins with the Store number from where you got the survey ticket.

A sneak peek into www.mystarbucksvisit.com


Welcome Page

The first click into www.mystarbucksvisit.com would take you to a welcome page from Starbucks survey which says “Welcome US and Canadian Store Customers”. The page also thanks you for your thoughtful gesture to share your thoughts and ideas about your latest visit to Starbucks with the brand Customer Care service. This is an intentional effort in their part to ensure that their customers enjoy the very best of services and beverages in their outlets, whenever they choose to visit it.

So get ready and help your favorite barista brand to make your next visit to the store more enjoyable. Enter the customer code printed at the bottom of your receipt in the designated slot and get started. Please ensure the validity of your customer code and check the expiry date before you embark on the survey.

Privacy Policy

The welcome page also has a ‘Privacy Statement’ printed at the bottom of it and a click on it will land you amidst the privacy details of the company, categorically branched out into information about website Privacy Policy, customer consent, Active/Passive information collection & use, data security info and contact details.

In a nutshell, you get to know the following:
  • Children are not allowed to participate in the survey and any and every participant must be 18 years of age or above to complete the survey questionnaires.
  • Starbucks keeps back your private information
  • The privacy statement offers an e-mail address to the customer for keeping the brand posted about any address or location change, offer comments/suggestions or opt-out of e-mail communication.

The questionnaire posted by Starbucks is really simple and mainly focused on your latest Starbucks experience.

Once you fill out your coupon information in the Welcome Page, click “Start” to begin your survey.

Very simple questions like the following are asked:
  • Kind of purchase that you made, i.e. was it a takeaway or was it meant for in-house consumption?
  • Type of beverage that you chose – Hot/Cold?
  • Beverage name?
  • Was it a Whole Bean buy?
  • Did you use Starbucks Card for your purchase?
  • Did your purchase make you eligible for Starbucks reward?
  • Did you order for any Food?
  • Were you satisfied with your visit?
  • Any problem that you faced?
  • Your frequency of visit?

Extremely elemental inquiries, they are but very helpful for your favorite Barista chain to improve their services! So get along with it and complete it with accurate answers to get the coupon code. Jot it down or take a print of the code to carry it back to your Starbucks local (along with your store receipt) for a free beverage treat. This is Starbuck’s way of saying “Thank You” to its lucky survey takers. Enjoy your free drink!

Starbucks, established way back in 1971, has never looked back since its inception and has always been one step ahead in providing its customer’s coffee that is no less than passion remixed. It has steadily branched out into several hundreds of branches all across the world, each an excellence in service in its own right. www.mystarbucksvisit.com is the official survey site of this barista chain and by participating in the survey, you can help them offer you even better a service. For more info, you can get in touch with the experts at (800) 235-2883 or pen down your thoughts and queries to Starbucks Customer Relations, PO Box 3717, Seattle, WA -98124-3717.

Visit Website : www.mystarbucksvisit.com

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