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At www.njuifile.net, the citizens of the state of New Jersey can find out all they need to know about unemployment benefits with the state. Before you begin, you should know that New Jersey State unemployment Insurance benefits are paid more quickly to those who certify on Sundays, via the internet. The best time to certify is between eight am and three pm.

New or Existing Unemployment Claims

In order to apply for a new New Jersey unemployment claim, or in order to re-open a claim you have already begun filing or a claim which is already present in the system, click on the File an Unemployment Claim link. It is important to recognize that this application cannot be used for new extended unemployment claim benefits or to re-open an existing extended unemployment benefits claim.

Weekly Benefit Payment Claim

To claim weekly benefits payments or get a weekly extended unemployment benefit payment, you can simply click on the File a Continued Claim button. This service is available only during specific hours, including Monday through Friday between 7 am and 6 pm EST, or on weekends between 8 am and 3 pm. One important note about this website feature is that if you need to make an address change, you should do it before claiming your benefits, and you should not check “YES” to report a new address while attempting to claim weekly benefits.

Direct Deposit Updates

If you need to change or add direct deposit information to an existing New Jersey unemployment claim, click on the Direct Deposit button. If you want to stop direct deposit altogether, you will need to contact a representative for assistance, as this feature does not include parameters for stopping direct deposit.

Address Change Updates

To update address information within the state of New Jersey, click the Address Change button. This will allow you to change from one NJ address to another, but will not allow for out of state address changes. This service takes as long as 24 hours to complete.

In order to begin the process of working with this website, you will need your unemployment benefits online ID and password, which is not the same as your user id and password. Don’t worry – if you do not have that information yet, simply click “NO” and you will be taken to the New Jersey Department of Land and Workforce Development Website, where you can sign up for one.

This website has no contact information listed, however it is not hard to find assistance if you need it. Simply click around and familiarize yourself with the site, and you’ll be on your way to managing New Jersey unemployment benefits online.

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Michele Kushner June 16, 2013 at 15:43

I have a confirmed unemployment application but I don’t know how to get a pin number. Can you let me know how to go about this?

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