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Poptropica.com has been an active online site for a little under two years. The site is designed for children and is created as a virtual world. The website is designed to attract children of all ages along with adults but some of the younger visitors may feel as if maneuvering through the site is too complicated and not enjoy as much as others. The children that seem to enjoy the site the most are those who are familiar with gaming online.

Users of the Poptropica.com website are able to choose the character they like the most and personalize it by adding clothes, a hair style, and other physical aspects that they may want to include. Once users finish creating their unique character they can make it travel to the various Poptropica islands to explore, collect items, and make new friends. Characters will be able to navigate through the islands more easily with the help of a map which will be provided to them. By participating is certain activities on the island the characters are able to gain battle rankings and win medallions.

The website is free to its users and is designed with pleasant graphics that are simple yet entertaining. The older children that use the site will mostly likely enjoy exploring the different islands within the site. The highlights for them are usually meeting other characters and being able to obtain specific items throughout the game.

The website not only provides this entertaining game to its visitors but it also has videos that everyone can enjoy. T-shirts and game credits can also be bought on their site. The website has a studio where children can tune in to their artistic sides and create their own avatar. The studio has a user friendly design which makes it easier for the children to use.

The primary game on Poptropica.com is not appropriate for the younger children but the avatar studio and the videos available on the site are. The game is not created in a very simplistic manner that would allow younger children to enjoy it as much as older children who are familiar with gaming online. Despite this the site is a great destination for children where they can have fun and be creative. The only thing that users should be careful of is the different advertisements found on the site that blend into the site making them appear to be a part of the game. The Poptropica.com cards can be purchased at Target and redeemed later on the website. The site will try to encourage its users to become paid members.

Parents should be aware that Poptropica.com is in fact one of the popular virtual worlds and game which is populated with multiple users at the same time who communicate with one another through pre-scripted chat or easy gaming. “Room codes” can be traded which will allow kids to visit and play with their specified friends but is not necessary because it is just as enjoyable to play by yourself. The characters may see miner trouble like a robbery or kidnapping but they cannot fight, become injured, or die. There are only wins and losses when the users interact in one-on-one challenges.

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