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At www.realtor.com, both realtors and prospective homeowners can find ways to connect with one another. Great for investors and commercial stakeholders as well, this site has a number of excellent interactive features which make it the “go to” place for everyone who has an interest in real estate. Read on to find out more.


Realtor.com believes that home ownership matters to everyone in America. If you don’t own your own home, you can read more about ways to achieve the ultimate American dream here. In addition, you can visit partner sites, and even take a look at REALTOR – an online magazine that offers valuable insight to both real estate professionals and consumers. You’ll also find a link where you can listen to broadcasts from NAR’s radio talk show, Real Estate Today.

Just For Real Estate Agents

Realtors can enjoy value-added offers and savings from Realtor Benefits Partners, and learn about ways to increase profitability. In addition, real estate professionals will discover new strategies for gaining referrals by assisting their clients with some everyday problems that home owners often face.

Realtors can also find special member pricing on items that can help boost business and increase productivity, and learn about new ways to put technology to use.

Last, but not least, realtors can learn more about the National Association of Realtors. Realtor.com hosts a list of state and local associations just for realtors, along with a list of Real Estate Specialty Organizations. Commercial Source Information and news is available, and realtors can learn how to form global alliances to benefit everyone.

Helpful Hints

Full of helpful hints to assist real estate professionals with everything from home staging to negotiating in today’s marketplace, Realtor.com also helps prospective homeowners and renters find properties that match their interests and suit their needs. Apps are available for Android and iPhone, which help you take all that the site offers with you when you leave your home or office.

Interactive, comprehensive, and intelligent, Realtor.com has everything you need when it’s time to buy or sell a home. Register today by going to www.realtor.com and clicking the “sign up” button, or visit http://www.realtor.com/realestateagents/ to find a real estate professional in your area. For all your real estate needs, you can contact realtor.com by clicking the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the page, and you can connect with the company via Facebook, as well.

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