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Fresh food, culinary passion and gastronomic delights – Ruby Tuesday is an American chain of restaurant which blends all of these into its extensive food menu. With branches spread out all over the world, every Ruby Tuesday restaurant is always packed up with food lovers who believe in quality food and discerning beverages.

[snap url="http://rubytuesday.com" alt="ruby tuesday"]A dream project of Sandy Beall, this restaurant chain was born in 1972 to give shape to his vision of an eatery where only handcrafted, fresh and flavorful dishes were made, to be served by people who were equally friendly, caring and passionate about their occupation. And till date, it holds tightly to it. The ambience of every restaurant from the brand is casual, lively and extremely comfortable and the food is always good. Step into www.rubytuesday.com to take a closer at the casual dining pleasures that this great food chain offers.

Every day is a happening day in Ruby Tuesday. The restaurant takes pride in offering its guests an extensive selection of food menu throughout the week. More than 800 + branches are actually quite a lot to mention the operation hours individually, but the restaurant’s website at www.rubytuesday.com lists all of them and you can just click into it to select the restaurant branch that you want information on and get all details at the flick of a button.

The website is very well designed and categorically delves out info about every branch, placed anywhere in the world. Since there may be quite a few branches in your designated area of search, you must remember to look for Ruby Tuesday search results in the particular location that you desire to visit.

The secret of popularity of Ruby Tuesday

While restaurants rarely give out their secrets, Ruby Tuesday does. The administration is very proud of its achievements and owes its success to the following factors –
  • Premium food choices in casual dining make Ruby Tuesday special and unique. With a wide variety of picks in Seafood, Brunch/Lunch/Dinner entrees, Desserts and Kids menu (under 10), Ruby Tuesday can guarantee you a full satisfaction of your taste buds once you indulge in the culinary specialties served by it. The pleasurable gastronomical journey it promises to take you on is laid out in a detailed food fare guide in www.rubytuesday.com. Click into the website to know more about the dishes served.
  • An extensive Fresh Garden Salad Bar, Weekend Lobster fare, and Seafood Mixed Grill choices – the food at Ruby Tuesday promises to be yum, anytime, anywhere. The restaurant also welcomes you to check out the additional menu information like Allergen-sensitivity menu guide and Nutritional menu guide in their website, specifically created for guests who would like to know more about the food preparation techniques and ingredients employed in the restaurant.
  • Ruby Tuesday also offers its guests a premium choice in drinks. Ranging from the best cocktails, mocktails and craft beer selection to the sodas and wine, all drinks are made-to-order with natural and selected ingredients.
  • With a mission of rustling up quality food which bears the best of value, Ruby Tuesday also has a very hospitable band of staff who takes food orders as passionately as they craft it out. A genuinely dedicated service is something that is common in every branch of the chain. As a gracious host, they ensure that all customers leave their restaurant with a big and a happy smile.

Advantages of www.rubytuesday.com

Ruby Tuesday website is your ultimate guide to any information that you want about this restaurant chain. From searching out a branch of the restaurant (Search by Zip Code or City/State) in your locality to viewing its menu or reserving a table, everything can be accomplished through this venue.

The top panel of the website interface has clear segregated information about Locations, Menu and Bar of the restaurant. Click into the very-friendly and fast loading interface to get conveniently guided to 800+ branch info of the chain.

The history and service specialties of Ruby Tuesday are all incorporated into the website with brilliance and easy clicks can take you to any detail that you might like to know before reserving a seat here.

The bottom panel of the website interface contains information about Ruby Tuesday Investors, Franchises, Careers, FAQs and Customer feedbacks. Investors do recognize the food chain as a valuable, profit-yielding and proven brand in the hospitality industry.

The FAQ section is brilliantly formulated and it has separate sub sections holding great answers to general questions, questions regarding nutrition and allergen, Gift card queries, So Connect Queries and Online Survey Queries.

Minor disadvantage

The salad bar is not included in the dine-in section which may disappoint a few people. There is a salad bar available, but it may not be seen as value for money by some.

Ruby Tuesday So Connect

Ruby Tuesday offers all its visitors a chance to sign up with So-Connect, a brilliant keystroke facility which connects you 24 x 7 to the CSD and you get to learn everything about the service right from your home computer. Once you sign up for this service from www.rubytuesday.com you get exclusive e-mail updates, brand new promotional offers, birthday coupons (and a free handcrafted burger as your birthday treat), Food/Bar redemption coupons and so much more. How to join? Just click into the website and get guided.

Ruby Tuesday Online Survey

Ruby Tuesday also incorporates a Guest satisfaction survey in its website. You can enter the survey by keying in the 18 digit survey code printed in your last receipt (not more than 3 days old) along with the server number and your visit date. The survey feedback from valued customers like you will help the brand to buff up their services even further and once you complete answering the survey questionnaire, as a token of appreciation you will get a printable $3 Off Coupon for your next visit to Ruby Tuesday.

The final word

www.rubytuesday.com is a complete and up-to-date handy e-guide on full circle information about 800 + Ruby Tuesday chain of restaurants in the world. For further information on anything that is included/not included here, you are most welcome to click into news@rubytuesdayrestaurants.com or guestservices@rubytuesday.com and get to know more.

Visite: www.rubytuesday.com

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