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At www.searscard.com, you can find great ways to improve your quality of life with the great products and valuable services that Sears has always been known for. You can use your Sears card to shop at both Sears and Kmart stores, and enjoy great values on Kenmore appliances, Craftsman tools, and everything else you need for your busy life. With information about the latest bargains, plus a special section dedicated to Sears rewards and round the clock customer service, this is one site you must visit. Here’s more information to help you navigate smoothly.

Don’t Have a Sears Card?

If you don’t have a Sears credit card but are considering signing up for one, be sure to visit the “Compare Cards” section of the website. Here, you can learn about different Sears Cards on offer, and choose one that suits your needs perfectly. With everything from the simple Sears Card to the Sears Home Improvement Account, which is designed to make major home improvement projects easy to afford, this portion of the website helps you to make a smart decision.

Account Online

If you are a Sears card holder, just go to the Account Online section of the website to manage your Sears account securely. You can view your balance and review statements, see your payment due date, and view recent transactions. This free service is available to anyone with a Sears Card – all you have to do is register to use the service using information found on your statement.

In addition, you can request a credit line increase or contact customer service via secure email using this section of the site. It’s easy to do plus it is safe.

Security and Safety are a Top Priority

Your safety and security are a top priority. This website uses premium encryption methods to ensure transactions are safe from prying eyes, and the company also works hard to maintain the security of your account, even when you’re not using the service. They watch for fraud and quickly notify you if anything suspicious shows up on your account activity log. If unapproved purchases are made, you are not responsible for paying for them, and if your Sears card is lost or stolen, you can use the site to make a fast report and stop any unauthorized charges from accruing.

Easy to navigate and full of friendly options, www.searscard.com has a comprehensive menu of services and several different addresses and phone numbers you can use to make contact with customer service. Just click on the Contact Us / FAQ’s tab at the upper right hand portion of your screen to get started.

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