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At www.sprint.com, longtime customers and those who are simply interested in seeing what the company has to offer will find plenty to read, along with great deals on handsets and service. Whether you’re looking for a free cellphone or if you are hoping to get the latest news about all that Sprint has to offer, then look no further. Sprint.com is renowned for great customer service, and their site continues to deliver.

iPhones and Upgrades

We all love our smartphones, and whether you’re looking for the newest iPhone or if you are finally planning to transition from a simple old fashioned flip cell phone to a smartphone that allows you to be fully interactive while on the go, Sprint.com has you covered. No matter when you visit the website, the first thing you’ll see is a menu of options for choosing a new phone or upgrading an old one.

Shopping is easy. All you need to do is scroll down to the bottom of the webpage, then make a selection from the menu beneath the “Shop” option. You can get everything from special web only offers to employee discounts at www.sprint.com.

Manage Your Account

With Sprint’s website, you don’t have to worry about making a trip to a brick and mortar store. You can do everything you need to do from the comfort of your home or office, or, if you have a Sprint smartphone, you can manage your account from wherever you are. Make payments, inquire about charges, look into ways to save money, and activate new users – all these actions are located beneath the “Manage Account” heading.

Learn More

Sprint loves to keep customers informed about the latest in wireless news, which is just one reason why learning more is so easy. Simply take a look at the options available and choose to learn about business wireless solutions, Sprint’s satisfaction guarantee, or the CTIA Standard wireless service checklist.

For analysts and investors, along with those interested in a career with the company and clients who want to know more, Sprint has put together a special section with commercials and videos and links to partners. They offer cellphone recycling and even let you voice your say in how the company could be made better.

You can easily see where Sprint’s cellphone coverage works with their easy to use map, and in the event you have a question, contacting customer service is easy. Click the “Email Us” button, or call Sprint at 1-866-866-7509.

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