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If you are interested in making money through some simple methods on the internet then you should visit www.tell-chilis.com where you can earn a daily cash prize for the surveys that you fill in.

Do you enjoy making more cash on the internet? Most people today prefer to make some extra cash online that would help them to earn some extra income for their family. Hence they are always looking for websites that would help them in making some more money in the simplest way possible. Tell-Chilis website is one of those websites that allow you to win serious money for the feedback that you provide on their website. Online feedback websites are becoming common these days as there are many websites that provide a platform for the people to speak up about their experiences online so that others can learn and know more from their experience.

Tell-Chilis.com website is one such website that does not trap you in false promises. Hence, all you need to do is enter your feedback on the page provided on the website and you could just win up to $1000 once you have completed the feedback or the survey you want to fill up. The website is very simple and therefore there are no extra links or any tabs that would confuse you from filing up the form even you are new to this website. Although, the website is simple it has been designed intelligently and professionally so that you can come online and fill up the information in less time. Hence, the website not only provides you with the cash that you can win and earn some money but also saves your time so that you can do more things.

The website is all about restaurant surveys where you can provide more information about different restaurants in your area. Hence, if you love visiting and eating at different restaurants then this is the right opportunity for you to earn more sitting right in front of your computer. You can provide more feedbacks about the regular restaurants that you go to and tell the people online what your experience was when you were dining at the restaurant. There are many restaurant survey websites available on the internet that allows you to write your experiences but they do not provide you with any cash prize for the information that you have provided. However, at www.tell-chilis.com you get you’re your prize for sharing the information with us and with the people online. Hence, you can always come back and provide more genuine information about different restaurants and making quick bucks right from the comforts of your living room.

At Tell-Chilis website you can write the way you want and therefore you don’t need to be an expert writer on how you should write your restaurant surveys. Most of the fields are already provided to you and therefore you don’t have to bother about it. You can just select the right option and it will let you proceed further without any problems. Hence, you can complete the survey in just 5-10 minutes and walk away with a thousand bucks in your hand. The prize money is available on daily basis and therefore you can come back every day to win your prize money by providing some real survey information.

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Gloria Mcqueen August 18, 2010 at 22:17

Thank you Shalis the food was good and the service was good and fast. thank for keeping picking my spirint up. I Was sad it was my b-day I Only had just my little girl with me. you keep asking do u need anything you alright.

Jerry Fisher September 14, 2010 at 05:19

My wife and I ordered fajaites for 2,and the tortillas were ice cold.
The server came back after a long absence and did get them heated.The special $20 feature advertised on TV was not explained.we were disappointed with the entire experience.


scheaffer September 16, 2010 at 19:49

great lunch love the two for $20

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