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At www.verizonwireless.com, you’ll find a comprehensive menu of services, opportunities to shop for the latest Verizon offerings, and more. Whether you are simply interested in becoming a Verizon customer, or if you have been enjoying the company’s services for years, you’ll find answers to most of your questions on the website.

Androids, iPhones, Upgrades and More

Whether you’re looking for the newest Apple iPhone or one of the many Android models Verizon carries, or if you are finally planning to swap that old fashioned flip cell phone for a smart phone that lets you take care of everything from banking to social media while on the run, Verizon.com has exactly what you need. One of the first things you’ll see when you visit the site is a list of models available with easy to find descriptions and options for services and pricing.

Shopping with Verizon.com is simple, thanks to the menu of options located to the left of the screen. Look for new devices and phones, plans and services, accessories, and even apps and other media. You’ll be able to switch to Verizon and keep your old phone number if you want, and you can even check to see whether any employee discounts are available when you visit the site.

It’s Easy to Manage Your Verizon Account Online

With Verizon’s website, there’s no need to make a trip to an old fashioned brick and mortar store. Instead, you can simply click on My Verizon at the top of the webpage, and move on from there. Whether you want to add or subtract a phone line, or if you simply need to pay your bill, you can do it at Verizon.com. In addition, you can upgrade devices, make changes to your minutes and other aspects of your wireless plan, and even check your voicemail.

Explore All Verizon Has to Offer

Verizon wireless has been a top name in cellular service for more than a decade, and the company continues to offer exceptional customer service along with plenty of additional value, all on its cheery red and grey themed website. When you click the Explore button, which is located to the left of the main webpage, you can find Verizon’s coverage map, along with helpful information that lets you make the most of your Verizon account. If you’re just now thinking about switching to Verizon, spend a few minutes looking around – you’ll quickly see why the company has maintained its top-shelf position.

Customer service is conveniently located at the top right of the webpage. Click “Support” for an entire menu of options.

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