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www.wallgreens.comFounded in 1901 to cater to the wide group of people living in and around the Chicago town, Walgreens is now considered to be one of the largest drug stores on the planet has outlets in more than 8000 locations in United States of America, the Latin America and other adjoining countries. With an innovative approach to the drugstore retailing system, Walgreens has bought about some effective changes in the pharmacy sector. The revolutionary store concept introduced by Walgreens is one of the very best innovations is being still followed by many pharmacy companies.

The large network of medical stores across the United States makes Walgreens one of the preferred drug stores. The unique approach and better service levels from chemists in the outlet helps individuals to take advantage of the system. The whole range of drugs available across all the centers will help Walgreen customers to take maximum advantage. The use of shared network and updated customer information will provide better inventory management at each store.

To voice the opinions of the customers, Walgreens has come up with online customer service that can help to improve the services. There are many advantages of taking up this survey. One of the key benefits is to gain the right kind of support in terms of making necessary changes to the system and also a better delivery mechanism.

A contest is set up by Walgreens group to encourage customers to provide their honest feedback regarding the services of Walgreens. Some of the advantages of taking these surveys provided by the Walgreen Company would help in bringing about new and breakthrough changes to the company.

Advantages to the company:

Greater scope for changes:

The survey results can be used as an effective measure to help the top management to get a great level of understanding about the things that need to be changed in the company. With increased support from the customers in the form of survey, the company can deliver the right amount of benefits to the customer communities who have been loyal towards walgreens.

Better control:

The top management of walgreens can establish a better control on the service levels and other aspects related to store management. Some of the crucial aspects like pricing, deliverability, access to drugs and value added services can be monitored from time to time with the help of customer feedback that is submitted by the customer after each visit to the drug store. This is why the customer survey plays a key role in overall organizational development.

Scope for innovation:

With market information through the help of customers visiting the drug stores, the top management can take a call on innovation that is needed. The store layout, the delivery system and better online management can be carried out with the support of valuable inputs from the customers.

Better price management:

Depending on the data collected from the customers, the impact of price changes or other modifications can be easily understood with the observations from the survey. There are multiple advantages that can be availed with the use of customer surveys.

Shared network:

The customer survey report from one region can be taken as a means for improvisation. The suggestions by the customers can be used for implementation across all the stores spread across the US. Online customer survey is submitted within 72 hours after purchasing medicines from the store. With better implementation of the feedback, the store can reach to customers on a regular basis.

There are some drawbacks too of using online customer survey. They are

Lack of reliability:

The information provided by customers need not be reliable each and every time. There are some external factors that would spoil the outcome of the surveys. Customers may be subject to external stress that can reduce the effect of the survey taken by them. The choice for implementing the feedback goes wasted in these cases.

Regular updates a hindrance:

Regular changes might not be possible with the support of online survey. This is the major reason why online surveys go wasted. The effort made by the customers may find the use later on. But the motive of using survey remains ever vulnerable and is subject to market conditions.


Walgreens drug stores can make use of surveys to maximum effect in order to improve the performance in terms of better customer satisfaction and better inventory planning. With a better network of online database of the customers and a greater control with the help of customer feedback, Walgreens can go a long way in providing the right level of support.

Walgreens has been the pioneer in serving the customers with medicines at lower rates than most other companies. With a shared network within the US, Walgreens is one of the best agencies to rapidly grow in size and reputation as the top drug provider in the region.

Personalized services like the disability inclusion initiative aims at recruiting people who are physical disabled. This project was implemented in order to provide an equal opportunity for all. The Walgreens Corporation is one of the reputed drug chains that do not alter the prescription without the consent of an authorized physician and thereby reducing the scope for wrong billing.

Choosing a drug store to avail the right kind of medicines is important to be sure about the right kind of drugs that can be used. Without being worried about the price or other aspects of a drug store, customers can considered the support of Walgreens.

The use of customer survey provided by Walgreens is a great means to connect with the top management which can ensure consistent support to the customers. The benefits that can be availed by the customers are incredible and can a long way through the support of customer feedback.

To locate a nearest Walgreens drug in your locality log on to www.walgreens.com or shop online by using the online shopping platform found within the website. Customers can also contact Walgreen for further enquires at 1-877-250-5823.

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