Xbox 360 console bundles – a must have!

Xbox 360 is Microsoft’s the second gaming console in the Xbox series of gaming consoles. The main competitors of Xbox 360 are Sony’s PS3 and Nintendo’s Wii. Xbox has close to 676 games and counting available to Xbox users all over the world, out of which approximately 117 games are exclusively available only on Xbox gaming consoles, close to 559 games are multiplatform games and approximately 75 games can be played only on Xbox 360 consles.In a bid to increase their sales, Microsoft offers various Xbox 360 bundles. These could be just console bundles or console bundles coupled with some popular games.

Xbox has changed the face of video gaming. Fans today have access to great quality games, 3D and 2D alike and each game offers better features, graphics and thus providing a highly engaging gaming experience.  To make the most of the popularity of these games, Microsoft has been tying up with retailers and gaming corporations and bundling their elite product with some of the famous games in order to increase their sales and cash in on the various holiday sales. Back in 2007 the Xbox 360 Elite and Pro were bundled with the famous games of 2007 which were Motorsport 2 and Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance games. In 2008, Microsoft had bundled Xbox 360 and Elite with Kung Fu Panda and Indiana Jones Adventures by Lego. In 2009 it was bundled with games like Batman and Pure.

The Xbox 360 Halo: Reach bundle is all set to release in September 2010. Modeled on the biggest game of 2010, Halo: Reach, the limited edition bundle will feature a silver Xbox 360 with 250 GB space and is designed to capture the look and feel of the game. Some of the custom sound effects available in this game are also captured in this bundle. The bundle also has two wireless silver controllers that feature Reach artwork on them and a similar headset. The bundle also offers enthusiasts a regular version of the most popular game. The Halo:Reach bundle will also offer the user some extra discounts on the purchase of the limited edition of the game Halo: Reach.

The Xbox 360 Kinect console bundle is another bundle that is much awaited by gamers all over the world. This bundle will feature the all new Xbox 360, 4GB bundle which has the Kinect Motion Sensor and Kinect adventures. Kinect is expected to change the way video gaming will be perceived as every action in the game is dependent on the user’s body movement. The motion sensor detects the movements and converts them to appropriate actions in the game. Kinect also offers the gamers the freedom of movement and thus the gamer will never be restricted to the couch any more. Kinect Adventures that is a part of the bundle features close to 20 different adventures which requires the gamer to undergo dodging courses, explore exotic locations and much more, just by using the voice and body movements. The console would also be released with touch sensitive buttons and an internal flash memory of 4GB.

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